what to wear on holiday in cairns

What to Wear on Holiday in Cairns

Cairns has an idyllic position on the east coast of the Cape York Peninsula, where it nestles between the Coral Sea and the Great Dividing Range. We have good rains pouring down accordingly, from November through to May. Thereafter, we have a relatively dry period from June to October with occasional showers. These are our ‘winter’ months when the weather seldom turns cold. Thus, what to wear on holiday in Cairns does vary between seasons, but not markedly as it may elsewhere on the planet.

In truth we have a summer climate all-year-round by European and North American standards. It never freezes, snows nor sleets. Average temperatures vary from 28C / 82F in January our hottest month, all the way down to 22C / 72F in our ‘chilly’ June, July and August. What to wear on holiday in Cairns is strictly a casual affair, and you could swim all year round in our balmy lagoon if you were feeling energetic.

what to wear on holiday in Cairns

Cairns Esplanade Lagoon: Michael Coghlan: CC 2.0

Bathe All Year Round in Our Balmy Ocean

We have average daily sunshine of 7 to 9 hours, although we will be the first to admit we do have cloudy days. Our sunniest months are October to December. While even January to May, and July manage 7 average hours a day of sunshine. This keeps the Coral Sea delightfully warm with a high of 29C / 84 F in summer, and a winter low of 24C / 75F. Thus our ocean provides a delightfully refreshing dip all year round. And you could spend all day soaking it up if you like.

Swimming Costumes on Holiday in Cairns

We have no set values regarding swimming costumes, or ‘cossies’ as the kids call them, as long as they respect other peoples’ values. Cairns has several nude beaches offering overall tans where these are optional extras. Australians are a laid back nation in terms of what to wear on holiday in Cairns, and you will find we offer among the easiest-going holidays anywhere.

what to wear on holiday in Cairns

Cairns Esplanade at Dawn: Paleontour: CC 2.0

We also pride ourselves on our  spirit of invention. While have fabulous golden beaches strung up and down the coast like pearls, there are times when jellyfish trouble us between November and May. That’s when we head directly for our huge lagoon right on the Cairns Esplanade. We shaped it to look like Queensland, and there are trusty lifeguards in attendance all day long.

Please have your sunscreen handy when out in glorious Cairns sunshine, and remember to wear a hat. This is particularly important for small children, and those with fair, sensitive complexions. Our nights are generally milder with light clothing indicated. What to wear on holiday in Cairns at night is delightfully simple too. Dress standards at most restaurants are undemanding, because Cairns is so cool and casual, but do remember to wear shoes.

what to wear on holiday in Cairns

Fabulous Beach North of Cairns: Kiwi Flickr: CC 2.0

What to Pack For Your Stay at Wangullay

Plan for all-round summer weather even in the midst of winter. Shorts, tee shirts and tank tops are the order of the day, with a swimsuit and flip flops essential unless you choose a ‘nudie beach’. By all means dress a little posher for dining out, although most restaurants and nightclubs are equally casual.

Do be prepared for flying insects, especially from November to April. Apply bug repellent several times a day, not forgetting your ankles and your feet for sand hoppers. Your body evaporation rate can be higher than you are used to. Avoid over-exerting yourself, drink plenty of liquids, and carry a water bottle even on a short stroll. Pretty much the same applies to hiking expeditions and bush walks. Wear sensible shoes, carry water and basic emergency gear. Make sure someone knows where you are going, and when you will be back.

Check with the provider when booking a visit to the great barrier reef. Unless they provide them, you will need your own snorkel, mask, and optional wet suit and scuba gear. Take a sensible cossie with you, as you will be climbing in and out of boats and do want to look your best. An underwater camera will provide you with many lovely memories like this.

what to wear on holiday in Cairns

Agincourt Reef: Robert Linsdell: CC 2.0

Sheer Luxury is ‘On the House’ When You Rent Our Holiday Space

For the rest, we take care of almost everything for you during your delicious stay at our delightful rain forest hideaway. We are on the inland edge of town. However Cairns is a small place and you can be anywhere you want in fifteen minutes by car. We originally built Wanggulay as our private holiday cottage. That’s why you will find it so beautifully appointed. I was an airline pilot then and I was earning good money. I could afford the best Bali art, and furniture as you will see.

Things have become simpler since I retired. We rent the place to visitors who value peace and quiet in nature, and the sounds of birds in the trees all day long. There is a lovely river a short stroll away past streams and small waterfalls. There kids kissed by the sun can clamber on rocks, and dive into safe, tranquil water. We’ll even help you order supplies in, and stock the food in the fridge for you. What to wear on holiday in Cairns is the least of your worries. In fact, you should have your most relaxing, tranquil vacation ever.

what to wear on holiday in cairns

Any Time is a Good Time to Relax at Wangullay

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