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What Lies Westward of Our Cairns Romantic Accommodation

The geography of Far North Queensland varies greatly as the coastal strip gives way to the Great Dividing Range. Drive across the Atherton Tableland, and go a scant two hundred kilometres further west. You could end up in a land of rusty tin shacks, red dust, and emus with penetrating glances. Let’s set that option aside for now, and take a car trip to the west, and upwards to the Atherton Tableland. Let’s discover what our ingenious farmers are up to. Then you can bring back some local wine, coffee, and liqueur to savour in our Cairns romantic accommodation called Wanggulay on a quiet evening.

Cairns romantic accommodation

Midnight Swim in Silky Water: AirBnb

The Atherton Tableland West of Our Cairns Romantic Accommodation

Some folk arrive thinking the Atherton Tableland is just Kuranda, and not much else. In reality, the tableland is a large plateau spread across 32,000 square kilometres of mainly arable land. Pioneers arrived here in search of legendary deposits of gold and tin. Later, they settled down to farming as many of their descendants still do. Their crops include sugarcane, maize, and the subtropical delights of avocados, bananas, citrus, macadamia nuts, mangoes and strawberries.

The Tableland was once rain forest like the lush vegetation that starts at the bottom of our Cairns romantic accommodation garden setting. It is one of Australia’s Important Bird Areas in recognition of its thriving avian population   Keep a lookout for sarus crane, bush stone-curlew, atherton scrub wren, bower’s shrike thrush, bridled honeyeaters, chowchillas, and fernwren. Also characterful golden bowerbirds, grey-headed robins, macleay’s honeyeaters, tooth-billed bowerbirds and victoria’s riflebird of paradise.

Cairns romantic accommodation

Victoria’s Riflebird Courtship: Francesco Veronesi: CC 2.0

How About Going on a Gentle Food and Wine Tour

The moment does come to stick our noses outside and greet the day, unbelievably satisfying though our Cairns romantic accommodation may be. We have some really great eateries and wineries to the west of us with tables just for two. Have you heard of Mareeba on the Atherton Tableland? This cute town is home to over 70% of Australia’s coffee crop. What could be better than tasting locally grown coffee just an hour and half by car from Cairns.

‘Mareeba’ is the aboriginal word for ‘the meeting of the waters’ and the town is a great melting pot of cultures. It is amazingly rich in cafe’s, restaurants, museums, and wildlife. There’s a great spot called The Coffee Works where you can catch up on all the local flavours. Hook the bikes onto the car if you are after exercise. so you can navigate granite outcrops in the mountain bike park. If that’s too energetic, how about sailing away in a hot air balloon and taking in these gorgeous views.

cairns romantic accommodation

Ballooning Over Atherton Tableland: Lenny K: CC 2.0

Coffee, Coffee, and More Delicious Coffee to Take Back to Cairns

There is a Coffee Works Museum in the same area. The owners have been roasting coffee in Mareeba for over 25 years, and being collectors have accumulated some amazing stuff.  The husband even wrote a book called Coffee Floats, Tea Sinks to give an idea of the kind of people they are. What’s especially neat is they traveled the world, visiting patent offices and learning more about the items. Can you wander through it, sipping their bespoke coffee? You bet you can! The Australian Coffee Traders Association is a great source for coffee news.

We really are spoiled for choices in the Mareeba area not far from our Cairns romantic accommodation. You can follow the process of growing and making coffee at Coffee Works or visit Coffee World, a museum full of coffee and tea memorabilia. The Atherton Tableland is also home to Skybury, Australia’s oldest coffee plantation. You can enjoy a cup of locally grown coffee as you take in great views at their Skybury Farmgate café. If you’re up for a plantation tour then Jacques Australian Coffee Plantation is a great choice. Remember to ask for tastings of their unique house blends which are fantastic.

Cairns romantic accommodation

Skybury Farmgate Cafe Views: Public Photo on Farm Facebook Page

Wine Tastings for Holidaymakers in Cairns Romantic Accommodation

There’s no harm in tasting Australian wine provided we comply with regulations. Accordingly, your reading should remain below 0.05. Thus, if you a woman of average size this theoretically means no more than one standard drink per hour, although this can vary significantly from person to person. Average-size men may have two standard drinks in the first hour, otherwise the same principles apply.

We have enjoyed pleasant tastings at de Brueys Boutique Wines outside Mareeba,  where they do wonderful things with fruit. You can drop in through the cellar door, take an orchard tour, or enjoy the products including wines made with bush cherries, mangos, lychees, passion fruit, and mulberries. They also do  port, and a range of fruity or cream-based liqueurs. Golden Drop Winery is another great place to surrender to your taste buds to winesmade from Queensland’s tropical fruit. Just the trick for breakfast in your Cairns romantic accommodation.

Cairns Romantic Accommodation

Queensland Tropical Fruit: дары тропиков: CC 3.0

Let Your Romance Spread Its Wings in Northern Queensland

Mexican actor Ricardo Montalbán married gorgeous actress-model Georgina Young in 1944. He stuck like glue to her for 63 years until she died. When he followed her two years later he was still unattached. The man who knew a thing or two about relationships wrote, “True love doesn’t happen right away; it’s an ever-growing process. It develops after you’ve gone through many ups and downs, when you’ve suffered together, cried together, laughed together…”

We believe spending time alone with one’s partner is the smartest way to smooth out the bumps and creases that happen in any relationship. That’s why we located this antique bath at the bottom of the Wanggulay Tree Tops garden overlooking the Barron River where it flows smoothly past as it prepares to reunite with the Coral Sea. We built our Cairns romantic accommodation on the extreme edge of town where it merges with gorgeous, pristine rain forest. Here you will also find delightful waterfalls and pools to splash about on a summer’s day.

Cairns Romantic Accommodation

Perfect Privacy for Couples at Wanggulay TreeTops

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