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Best Water Fun to Try Near Cairns 5 Star Accommodation

The kids were still fairly young when we found what we were looking for. This was a place to build Cairns 5 Star Accommodation in a luxury holiday rental. As we explored the vacant land together we listened to the sounds of nature, and were excited.  Our children climbed rain forest trees and called down to us with shrill trebles. Then they ran down to the lazy Barron River, stripped to their skivvies, and dived into tranquil pools.

We sat and watched from brown rocks around them as warm as their bodies in the sun. This is kids’ territory, we told ourselves. Although we knew that we were building a new generation to take the baton on from us in life’s race.  We allowed the rain forest to return after the builder’s  work was done. We have still not fenced the garden off from the forest. Because we want our Wanggulay to part of his lovely place where trees grow tall.

Kids are free to stand beneath outdoor showers or play splashing games in the rim pool when they holiday at Wanggulay.  And then dive through sun-splashed forests to release the energy that makes kids what they are. Such exuberance is seldom welcome at larger resorts. But it is part of the territory of the Cairns 5 Star Accommodation we call Wanggulay. Because we believe children should have freedom to explore while growing up, just as we we did when we were young.

cairns 5 star accommodation

Our Constant Companion The Forest

Best Water Parks to Try On Your Holiday

There is so much for kids to see and do while holidaying in Cairns, it is almost unbelievable. Take the Great Barrier Reef for example, and the islands in the Coral Sea not far away. However there is little to compare with a great Cairns water park for letting off surplus energy, within safety limits of course. We chose our favorites within easy reach of our Cairns 5 Star Accommodation. We tried them out, and found them pure pleasure for children of all ages.

The Wetter the Better at Cairns Aqua Park

Well, that’s the official motto and we can see nothing wrong with that! Cairns Aqua Park delivers wet fun for ages 10 and over. It is also sharp on safety, with life jackets and helmets included in the deal. Wakeboards and kneeboards are available for hire while the pro shop stocks related kit. There is also a buggy that ferries kids and boards around the lake so they have more time to swim. Just bring your sunscreen, cozzies, towels, and sun shirts if you wish, and join in the wet fun.

The Wetter the Better: Image Aqua Park

Sugarworld Waterpark 20 Kilometres from Cairns 5 Star Accommodation

Sugarworld is at Edmonton, once a sugar farm village but now a suburb of Greater Cairns. It hosts a mid-sized recreation area cum water park. And it also features relics from the old sugar mill where they turned cane to sugar once. Moreover, it has gentler slides and rides for little ‘uns, adrenalin pumping water slides for teens, and shaded pools for parents to relax while keeping half an eye on youngsters.

The main attractions are a four-person mat-racer slide over 74 metres, and a supajet open body slide. Finally, the resort boasts a 120-metre tandem tube raft experience. No secrets disclosed here. You will have to try it for yourself and surprise yourself with fun. Parents with little tots will also find lots of wet things to do. Because Sugarworld has an interactive play area with mini-slides, water cannons, and tipping buckets too.


Sugarworld: Image Queensland Government

Or, How About a Day Out at Lake Morris

Lake Morris is also called Copperlode Dam because they found copper at a waterfall nearby. Lake Morris is Cairns’ main water supply, and there are restrictions to entering the water. However it is possible to cruise the placid water on a guided kayak tour. A sole authorized provider offers these peaceful trips, and also catch and release fishing expeditions.

Most of the forty-kilometer trip from our Cairns 5 Star Accommodation climbs steadily upward providing quite spectacular views from the face of the Whitfield Range. The road is not suitable for coaches, caravans and trailers though. Before leaving for it, remember to call the dam caretaker on (07) 4055 7414 for advice on the state of the road, and whether maintenance in on the go. Feast your eyes on this peaceful view when you arrive.


World Heritage listed rain forest surrounds this place of untold beauty. Entering it reveals exclusive views of giant cassowary birds, and other creatures native only to Australia. Please keep to the paths and only visit the forest with a guide. The government provides gas and wood barbeque sites, tea making facilities and disabled toilets. This is a wonderful place to walk, jog, or cycle in unspoiled nature.

Copperload Fish and Kayak is only enterprise legally entitled to rent kayaks and lay on guided fishing charters and lake tours. The lake has large stocks of giant barramundi and sooty grunter fish that both make great eating on the barbie. If kayaking is not your fancy, they have a 4.5 meter flat bottom cruiser just ideal for groups of three . If interested, we heartily recommend you book ahead and we can make arrangements for you.

Cairns 5 Star Accommodation

Copperlode Dam: Image Copperlode Fish and Kayak


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