With Wanggulay Luxury, Cairns Fish are Never Far Away

Wanggulay Bali is so comfortably nestled into the rainforest that our luxury holiday accommodation seems kilometres away from Cairns and its myriad of attractions. In face, they are just a quick 15 minute drive away, while Port Douglas is a short one hour drive up the coast.

Cairns has the added attraction of being the closest major port to our star attraction the Great Barrier Reef. All types and sizes of small craft depart daily from Trinity Inlet, heading for a marine wonderland where guests swim, snorkel, scuba, and of course catch huge tasty fish all day long.

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Fishing the Great Barrier Reef All Day Long

Thanks to the coral, we have an amazingly long marine food chain. It stretches all the way from colourful nippers that swim between our fingers to the great denizens of the deep, our dwarf minke, humpback, bottlenose, and migaloo whales. On a good day, you could even see all four.

We have some great eating and fighting fish out there to catch. Which one do you prefer? We have barramundi, barracuda, black marlin, coral trout, dolphin fish, red emperors, spanish mackerel, scaly mackerel, yellow fin tuna, trevally, wahoo, and sailfish in abundance. We also have great cooking facilities at our luxury holiday accommodation, unless of course you prefer a barbie down by the river.

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Enjoy Your Fish at Wanggulay or a Restaurant

The great thing about Cairns fishing is the crew on shared and individually booked charters will clean and pack your catch so it is ready for cooking or the restaurant. Didn’t know that? Cairns is an easy-going place. Our restaurants do everything to welcome our visitors including preparing their catches to individual tastes.

All You Need to Know About Fishing off Cairns

We invite and welcome you to our luxury holiday accommodation, where the Cairns rainforest is at the bottom of the garden and trails lead to streams and waterfalls for good swimming in all day long.

Come and join us. We have a discount offer this September. Catch your fish and chill out afterwards. Give us a call on Australia 0468 377 799 or international +61 468 377 799, and we will tell you about fishing the laid-back way in Cairns.

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