A Tjapukai Night Fire Ball

Tjapukai Cultural Park Minutes from Your Cairns Luxury Holiday Rental

Tjapukai Cultural Park celebrates the culture and achievements of the Djabugay people. Because they were the original inhabitants of our mountains, gorges, streams and forests. And of the Barron River that flows just past our Cairns luxury holiday rental on the final leg of its journey to the Coral Sea. It’s a given history we inherited that early settlers treated them badly. Thankfully that is all past. Now we are taking down the barriers. And Tjapukai Cultural Park is an important part of this achievement.

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Group of Tjapukai Indigenous Dancers: Leonora Enking: CC 2.0

Tjapukai  comprises a cultural centre, and a cultural village where the picture of the dancers comes from. Since its inception 28 years ago, over three million people have streamed through its gates to look, listen, interact, and learn. After small beginnings, the enterprise grew until it moved to a 25 acre site next to the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway. This transports passengers to Kuranda atop the Atherton Table Land.

This unique space hosts interactive cultural performances, a reconstruction of a Djabugay village, a restaurant, and a spectacular environment to explore. The restaurant offers a choice of indigenous taster dishes, traditional western-style buffet, and a café bar. Tjapukai  is a largely indigenous employer working closely with traditional owners. In this way it has already returned AU$35 million to them through royalties, wages, and by purchasing authentic arts and artifacts.


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Aboriginal Artwork at the Tjapukai Culture Park: Kay Adams: CC 2.0

Day Activities at Tjapukaia 15 Minutes from Your Cairns Luxury Holiday Rental

There is never a dull moment at Tjapukai that’s a pleasant short drive from your luxury holiday rental Wanggulay. You could watch the people’s dreamtime vision of the world’s creation through live performances and spectacular visual technology. Or view more of their amazing artwork. Then you could join the dancers on the far side of the lake for a corroboree celebration of dreamtime dancing, followed by a fire-making ritual leter.  The more you get into this, the more you come to respect the ancient knowledge and traditions.

Ancient knowledge like the medicinal value in plants we might otherwise walk past, and which wild plants are safe to eat. For educational fun, how about learning to throw a native spear at a target, or discovering the art of throwing a boomerang so it returns to you. After that, you could cool off by playing a didgeridoo wind instrument. But the delicious aroma of meat from an underground oven lit by hand alone will tempt you to the buffet for lunch.


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Starting Fire with Friction: Michael Zimmer: CC 2.0

First, the Tjapukai Nighfire, Then Your Cairns Luxury Holiday Rental for the Night

There is something about fire that fascinates us all. It is the primeval force in the sun, and the warmth that caresses our cheeks on a winter morning when we arise to greet the new day. This power comes too easy nowadays. Matches have given way to the Bic lighter as if were were in full control. But are we really. We would say no.

Why not take a step back in time by visiting Daintree Forest where primeval Jurassic plants still flourish. Stroll along the river bank with an indigenous owner and imagine when sauropods roamed among the trees. In the evening, on your way back to your Cairns Luxury Holiday Rental, tarry a while longer at Tjapukai for the Nighfire Experience.

After the sun sets, watch ancient fires light as a spectacular fireball shoots towards the stars in an amazing celebration of energy, light, and power. Join the Djabugay people who lived here since time immemorial in traditional songs and fellowship. And then, tired but satisfied, enjoy Australian meats, seafood, and salads. Before you retire to your Wanggulay for a most peaceful sleep with the treetops nodding in the moonlight nearby.


Tjapukai Fire Ceremony: Image Tjapukai Cultural Centre



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