Super Luxury Base for Cairns Photography

Few other places come close to Cairns and Port Douglas for opportunities for amazing photographs in nature. Photographers come throughout the year to explore our compelling Great Barrier Reef, and a myriad of brightly coloured marine life. This is just one of a large number of camera-friendly opportunities in Cairns.

We see photographers and photo journalists shooting gorgeous landscapes in nature, and using our pristine environment for wedding, modelling and fashion gigs. Many of them consider Wanggulay a perfect place to overnight for a few days while here. What makes Wanggulay extra special is we can accommodate their partners, kids, and even a favourite pet. When we built Wanggulay, we were under inspiration of photogenic Bali architecture.

Our Two Places to Stay on a Photography Holiday

We positioned our two holiday rentals for photographers in secluded spots on the edge of the Cairns rainforest. They overlook the Barron River nature reserve with its constantly changing flows of water shimmering in the sunshine. Elsewhere there are amazing waterfalls and forest giants that make perfect props. North Queensland is renowned for exotic and unusual bird and wildlife, and an environment progress has largely passed by.

Our photography rentals are in a triangle between the Atherton Tableland, Cairns Waterfront, and Port Douglas from where many Great Barrier Reef tours depart. Add in our own glorious spot in riverine rainforest nature, and you have four fantastic venues to practice your occupation, your hobby, or both.


Underwater Panoramic Photo Shoots in a Tropical Coral Sea

The breathtaking Great Barrier Reef stretches over 344,400 square kilometres (133,000 square miles). Water temperature varies from 24C/ 75F in the winter, and reaches its highest point in summer at 30C/ 86F. Ambient air temperatures varying from 24C/75F to 32C/90F ensure that getting into the water is like getting into a slightly tepid bath. We have so many species of land, marine and bird life we honestly would not know where to start.

The finest way to orient ate to the area is looking down from above. Cairns excels in this regard. We have a cable car skyway, and retro passenger train ride ascending and descending the Atherton Tableland. After alighting at Kuranda historic village you could take a tour past waterfalls and lakes, with a rich diversity of wildlife directly in your camera range.

A Place to Stay on a Photography Holiday with All the Extras

Aaron Siskind, who crossed the line between photography and painting by finding new meaning for flat surfaces put a finer grain on things when he said, “What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

At Wanggulay, we aim to add the little things that make photography holidays special. Extras include a secret bathtub by a river, and an infinity garden pool offering endless pleasure on long summer afternoons after a delicious alfresco meal. Of course, you may prefer a forest dip pool while capturing light filtering through tall trees overhead. At Wanggulay, you choose,we provide.

After you complete your photography mission and achieve your goals in our glorious subtropical climate, we invite you to linger longer and allow Cairn’s renowned pleasures to seduce. Depending on whether you travelled with a bunch of mates, or your family, you may prefer building a rock dam with the kids in a clear stream filled with delightful coloured pebbles,to white river rafting.

A Place to Stay In Cairns for All Seasons and All Likes

Cairns truly is a place for all people and all seasons. We provide a springboard where you could jump in a car and visit many signature attractions under an hour away. For peace and quiet there is nothing to match coffee and cake in a beach side restaurant, or picnicking on golden sands over canapes, other snacks and champagne.

After we acquired the parts of paradise we call Wanggulay Bali, and Wanggulay Too, we decided to build two holiday places in harmony with the tall trees and bright clear air. We fitted the buildings into nature and kept as much of it as we could. Our timbered decks and lovely features in the garden provide natural backdrops for modelling assignments, and wedding fashion shoots. Come and see us. Inspire yourself to fresh photographic heights.

Ultimate Luxury Accommodation for Cairns Photographers

Whether your goal is to photograph an underwater panoramic landscape, or the waterfront at sunset when the pleasure craft come in, we will tell you where to take photographs in Cairns and Port Douglas that could turn out competition winners. The Wanggulay Bali upper level deck is a fusion of creative touches in unashamed luxury. If you have a photographer’s eye for detail, you will revel in what you find.

The Wanggulay Bali master bedroom has exquisite private facilities,including a generous spa bath for languidly relaxing after catching a magnificent sunset on film. Early the next morning before the others are up, you could follow a private bridge down to a rimless pool to greet the morning, and lie back in silky smooth water as the birds come out to sing, and small mammals stir in the undergrowth not far away.

Perhaps this will inspire you to take the private path down the Barron River. Many photographers do, and take amazing panoramas of nature. This mighty river follows a 165-kilometre route from the Atherton Table land down a magnificent waterfall you can hike to. Then it levels out, and flows past us languidly into the one and only Coral Sea.

Cairns Luxury Escape Getaway 5 star

Our Second Luxury Base for Cairns Photography: Wanggulay Too

After we started getting booked out solid for Wanggulay Bali, we built a second house we called Wanggulay Too, because it is on an adjacent plot discreetly separate. This makes our place to stay on photography holidays doubly attractive for groups of models, professional photographers, and their assistants. Wanggulay Too is subtly different with four double bedrooms upstairs, surrounded by everything imaginable for luxury self-catering holidays.

The opulent master bedroom suite below is subtly separate. It is the ideal place to set up elaborate props and backdrops. Our fashion photographers know they will be undisturbed overnight, and just the way they left them the next morning.

Wanggulay Too benefits from viewing decks at treetop level, and a bright and airy day-room crafted from glowing natural timber. We appointed it tastefully with Balinese-style furniture, and handsome statuary that makes its own statement. If you want to take a studio photo, every bedroom opens through louvered french doors to nature almost close enough to touch. Your model will glow with excitement, and in natural light, everything is possible.

We built Wanggulay Too and Wanggulay Bali as home-from-home, self-catering accommodation, and we asked our architects to add the special features that have made them famous and won awards. They are far more than ‘just’ accommodation for visiting photographers. A better description would be top-end luxury suites welcoming them.


Wanggulay and Wanggulay Too Where Magic Photos Happen

We built our luxury eat-in or eat-out homes for all seasons and all groups of people. They are so lovely, couples come to marry here, and newlyweds for their honeymoons. Wanggulay is equally for anniversary parties and romantic rendezvous for lovers. Photographers coming to Cairns value them because they are so adaptable.

Come and share. Come and see nature at its best. We have pebbled streams dancing in the sunlight, and mighty cataracts thundering, and sending mist into the sky. We have giant whales out to sea, and tiny fishes swimming through brightly coloured sponges.

There are a myriad of attractions waiting for you and your camera to discover. Are you ready for your next photo shoot? Call us now, if you like.

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