5 star Cairns Honeymoon Accommodation

A Special Paradise for a Loving Couple like You

If you want to celebrate your love, our two Wanggulay rainforest homes have features that are so much better than public holiday accommodation. We created two separate parts of paradise in perfect tune with our warm tropical climate, lovely natural forest environment, and the show-stopping Great Barrier Reef that is nature’s greatest treasure.

You don’t need a car to go swimming at the foot of a waterfall in our peaceful national park, where birds serenade you as you follow a well-marked, easy going trail. It takes just ten minutes from the front door to where you wade down a gentle slope and slip into the embrace of the brightest, cleanest water.

This is one of our most favourite picnic places. The rocks are set out as if somebody planned them, so you will do more that perch as you enjoy tasty canapes and a glass or two of champagne. It is safe to come here at night provided you wear good shoes and have a torch. This could be ultimate dipping opportunity, as you lie back in the moonlight and savour the sounds of the forest.

Wanggulay Bali has a lovers’ nest all on its own among the treetops, with indoor spa bath, generous shower, and rimless pool at the far end of a private bridge. Wanggulay Too competes with a secret couple’s pad with huge bed to roll about on all day long. Choose between the designer bathroom, spa bath in the bedroom, and antique Victorian bath down by the riverside.

Please have a wander around our website and discover all the other wonderful things to do a short drive from Wanggulay. We dropped our prices by $100 this month to celebrate spring so now is a good time to book. Please help yourself to our free travel guide to learn more about the leading Cairns attractions.garden-bath

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