Cairns fishing holiday accommodation near rainforest

Photo Magic only a Stone’s Throw from Wanggulay

We know we live in a magical part of the country – what isn’t to love being surrounded by nature whether that be the national parks on our door step, or the white, sandy beaches only a short drive away. But there is a wonderful little spot only a 12 minute walk from the door here at Wanggulay and if we had to describe this spot in one word it would be magical.

The Stoney Creek Garndal Track is a mere 1km walk from the property; if you walk the Garndal Track, you’ll find yourself with a 4km round trip that we can be certain you’ll want to do more than once during your stay. (Check out this map!)

The track starts from the car park at the end of Stoney Creek Road and climbs through the Stoney Creek Gorge, taking you along the rice to the causeway of the old weir. The walk will take you pass clear, tranquil pools and small waterfalls before coming out on a large boulder overlooking the creek. The track is fairly rough with uneven surfaces so we definitely recommend a good pair of walking shoes.

But, we can guarantee that the sights you will see along the way will make the walk along the track worth it. The waterfalls and bridge crossings will provide you with some wonderful photo opportunities and if you get there on sunrise, the light coming in through the canopy will give a great natural touch to your photos.

We love the Stoney Creek Garndal Track and can recommend either a walk through just taking in the natural wonder of our rainforests, or making a day of it and taking your swimmers and lunch. With a number of small pools of water that have easy access, this is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day, and you’ll find many places to sit down for a quiet lunch.

If you’re like us when you’re on holidays and love discovering new areas, a walk to Stoney Creek Garndal Track is a must do – just remember to take your camera!

You can find more information about other wonderful natural places to see in Cairns in our guidebook.

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