Nude Beaches in North Queensland? Perhaps …

Visitors to our sunny shore sometimes ask us where our nude beaches in north Queensland are. “Où sont tes plages nudistes,” they ask. “Wo sind deine fkk-strände, var är dina naturiststränder,” and so on. It’s actually a good question. Our answer depends whether a naturist beach has to have official sanction.  Or whether it is just a place where people take their clothes off because it does not bother anybody else.

We are honour-bound to mention that public nudity is contrary to Queensland law. This does not prevent visitors and locals from indulging in what we understand comes naturally, and is a liberating experience. Do we indulge ourselves?  We’ll leave that up to you to decide, although we do have a bathtub in the garden. Whatever the case, please note our sunshine is harsher than in many other parts of the world. So use plenty of sunscreen, and take drinking water with you.

One of the Best Nude Beaches in Queensland Buchans Point

nude beaches in north queensland

Buchans Point: Google Earth

Buchans Point is some twenty kilometres north of Queensland, and lying between Ellis Point and Palm Cove where swimming costumes are the norm. We couldn’t find a decent picture – if you’ll excuse the expression – and we certainly are not going down there with a camera. As you can see from the aerial photo, it’s on a headland opposite a tiny island.

The Naturist Directory describes Buchans Point as “by far the most popular unofficial clothes optional beach in the area.” Travel north on Captain Cook Highway and pull into the car park between Palm Cove and Ellis Beach. Then walk south to a sandy strand with cliffs as privacy backdrop. If you feel like midnight skinny dipping, then there are motels and caravan parks nearby this peach of nude beaches in North Queensland.

One of the Best Nude Beaches in North Queensland and Pretty T00

nude beaches in north queensland

Pretty Beach: Google Earth

The aptly named Pretty Beach is a little farther north on the highway to Port Douglas. If you reach Rex Lookout, you overshot it by one kilometer. To retrace your steps,  drive back to the southern tip of the beach where the road hugs the coast to reach the access point. And yes, that is a spot of coral reef you see.

The Rex Lookout is on Wangetti Beach where it provides stunning views back towards Cairns, and across the usually tranquil Coral Sea. If you do hang-gliding, this is definitely the place to hover awhile. Although the beach is undeveloped we recommend you surf and swim in beach gear. Because the entire sandy stretch is overlooked from above, and somebody might have nothing better to do than complain.

Cow Bay But Still One of the Loveliest Nude Beaches in North Queensland

nude beaches in north queensland

  A Fine Late Afternoon at Cow Bay: Adam Indikt: CC 2.0

Cow Bay is just before Daintree Rain Forest. This is a truly amazing place. In fact, it is one of the last primordial places where there are plants dinosaurs might welcome if they were still with us. The area is a popular camping spot for backpackers because the small local community is easygoing. Since many of the visitors are from Europe it’s almost inevitable there are topless and nude swimmers on the beach.

By now you have traveled approximately 125 kilometers from Cairns. You could be back at Wanggulay in under two hours if you liked. But first you may like to stroll to the third beach heading north. This is where nude bathing is commonest and you may feel most at home.

Cape Tribulation, But No Worries You Will Be Happy Here

nude beaches in north queensland

Cape Tribulation: Kyle Taylor: CC 2.0

This is one of the loveliest spots in North Queensland. And no wonder, for Cape Tribulation marks the spot where the Daintree river flows from the forest into the ocean past a headland. If you want to stay over there is an isolated camping area with few facilities. Clothes in the common area are unofficially not required.

Aussie Naturalists promote this as a place where “you could easily spend a couple of weeks soaking up the sun and the natural environment.” The final stretch of the road to the beach is ‘passable’ outside of heavy rains. However they recommend 4×4 vehicles. Best check with the Daintree Forest authorities if you doubt your vehicle’s capabilities.

Time to Return to Your Exclusive, Private Part of Paradise

nude beaches in north queensland

A Private Swimming Pool at Wanggulay

We have shown you all the unofficial nude beaches in North Queensland of which we know. However, when we were nippers growing up we were known to skinny dip in the Barron River near we later built Wanggulay. Not to mention off the occasional isolated cape when the grownups were not watching. Oh days of youth!

We made Wanggulay as private as we possibly could, to the extent of an outdoor Victorian bath with hot and cold running water,  and river glimpses. For further tips regarding nude beaches in North Queensland and beyond, consider catching up on the latest gossip in the Australian Naturist Magazine, or similar.

nude beaches in north queensland

Your Exclusive Victorian Bathtub



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