Not Your Average Australian Dry and Dusty Place

Some overseas guests are surprised to find rich natural environment when they arrive at our holiday house. I suppose all they have seen of Australia before is photos of Ayres Rock, and outback farmhouses with shutters flapping in the wind. I though it was a good idea to focus on our streams and rivers on our coastal plain, and the waterfall that cascade from the escarpment high above.

Stoney Creek on Its Way Down to the Coral Sea

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Stoney Creek on Its Way Down to the Sea

We have a variety of natural swimming holes in the vicinity of our holiday home. I hesitate to say skinny-dipping pools because that would be against the law, although we have had couples admitting to it while staying in the paradise for partners we call Wanggulay Too.We allow our guests absolute privacy in our executive retreats, but if you have a problem call us, and we will be there.

Wanggulay Too

Wanggulay Too’s master bedroom has French doors opening onto an upstairs veranda with forest views. There is a secret spa bath inside where you can bathe the afternoon away paddling frangipani flowers with your toes. Our luxury family holiday house also has an antique bath claw bath on a private river platform among trees. There are several ways to bathe in nature when you stay with us at Wanggulay. Compare us with any Cairns hotel. Our facilities are better too.

Stoney Creek on a Gorgeous Summer’s Day

Stoney Creek on A Gorgeous Summer's Day

Stoney Creek

There is a lovely spot called Stoney Creek that is only fifteen minutes away from Cairns. You leave the car at the entrance and follow a walk that can get a little rough at times. A variety of pools rewards you as you follow the trail. You can sink into crystal-clear water and let your worries drift away.When you return to your luxury accommodation among the treetops, you will know you made the right decision when you chose to book with us.

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