Natures Wedding Venues in Cairns, North Queensland

Cairns is a magnet for couples marrying, not to mention those on first and second honeymoons too. Our pleasant, laid back environment inspires thoughts of living together forever in the future. The city and surrounds have numerous commercial wedding venues at resorts, hotels, and country retreats. Some couples feel there have been so many weddings in these places, that it is almost like a ritual repeated many times before. Thus they prefer to make their promises in nature without a formal ceremony. We wrote this post to introduce four of natures wedding venues in Cairns.

Here we share some of the loveliest natural spots we know of in our tropical paradise. In this regard please note we don’t make arrangements, conduct marriages, and lay on banquets afterwards. We are simply custodians of one of the best places for loving couples, and perhaps their guests to stay. We can accommodate up to two dozen people in two separate luxury holiday rentals. One has a flatlet on a separate level on its own. We will introduce you to local people we know well, who do make arrangements, conduct marriages, and lay on banquets afterwards. Does this sound like a good deal to you.

natures wedding venues in cairns

Luxury Living: Wanggulay Master Suite

Natures Wedding Venues in Cairns at Waterfalls

Cairns has almost a dozen gorgeous waterfalls within easy driving distance of our luxury Wanggulay holiday accommodation. We believe the loveliest of them is Millaa Millaa, the aboriginal world for the elaeagnus triflora rain forest vine with deliciously tangy fruit high in antioxidants. The falls plunge 18 meters and are approximately 100 kilometres from Cairns on Gillies Range Road.

Millaa Millaa was once a regular camping spot for mule trains traveling to and from remote settlements and mines. The area they leveled for bivouacking has since become a grassed viewing area surrounded by indigenous vegetation. There are toilets, barbecues, a shelter shed, and information displays in bus shelters. This is also a lovely swimming hole for a quiet dip out of season. The water is crisp, but equally refreshing. This is one of the best of natures wedding venues in Cairns we know, albeit it not for winter swims.

natural wedding venues in cairns

Milla Milla Falls: John Hill: CC 4.0

Cairns Botanic Gardens Make a Divine Wedding Venue Too

The Cairns Botanic Gardens has the best collection of tropical plants anywhere in Australia. You may have heard it called the Flecker Botanic Gardens after the founder but the two are the same thing. There are gentle trails for walking through the Flecker and Gondwana Heritage Gardens,  pausing at the Watkins Munro Martin Conservatory, relaxing on lawns around the Freshwater and Saltwater Lakes, and perhaps quietly exchanging promises in the Zhanjiang Friendship Gardens.

The Cairns Botanic Gardens are open all year round from 7.30am to 5.30pm, and entry is free for all. A dream wedding could happen right here in this divine setting. The Cairns Regional Council  hires wedding venues if you prefer a formal ceremony. There are a variety of guided tours available to familiarize yourself with the layout, and a visitor centre although this is closed on Christmas Day, and on afternoons on public holidays. The gardens are rich in birds and butterflies.  The paths are all wheelchair friendly, except for a few in the Flecker Heritage  Garden. Our guests praise this venue highly.

natural wedding venues in cairns

Tropical Rain Forest in Cairns Botanic Gardens: Brewbooks: CC 2.0

A Private Space for a Quiet, Intimate Ceremony in the Clouds

The Barron River Canyon is a 30-kilometre gorge carved out between the mountains with rugged hiking trails. Fortunately for loving couples seeking solitude there is a cable way crossing over it on its way up to historic pioneer Kuranda Village.  There is also a period railway line snaking up the mountains through 15 tunnels, and over 37 bridges. It is possible to combine the two, so you go up one way up from Cairns, and back down the other way.

The Cairns Skyrail cable service comprises 11 ‘diamond view’ gondolas spaced 7 minutes apart. They also have a more hectic, open plan ‘platform’, with guard rails and a ranger in control. The gondolas seat five passengers making them perfect for a bridal couple plus two friends as witnesses. We suggest reserving the fifth seat for the champagne and tasty snacks you bring along with you. This could be the coolest of natures wedding venues in Cairns.

natural wedding venues in cairns

Cairns Skyrail with Coral Sea Beyond: Amayagan: CC 2.0

A Secret Wedding Treading Water On The Great Barrier Reef

We saved the best of all our natures wedding venues in Cairns until last. Let’s say you are determined to promise your undying allegiance and love, but your family or friends are not ready for whatever reason they have. Perhaps they will never be comfortable with your relationship, but you are in love and that’s what matters. At Wanggulay we welcome all loving couples to our romantic holiday accommodation, because we believe that love has no boundaries or fences.

So here’s our suggestion for your private wedding. Take a ferry from Cairns to the Great Barrier Reef an hour’s fast catamaran ride away.  When you get there, change into swimming costumes with hidden pockets for your wedding rings. Slip into the warm, embracing water. After you swim a short distance slide the wedding rings over each other’s fingers and declare your undying love. Share a lingering kiss under the great blue sky. Nature is your witness. Now you are finally wed, forever, in endlessly creative nature.

natural wedding venues in cairns

Endlessly Creative Nature: Kyle Taylor: CC 2.0

Your Super Honeymoon Accommodation at Wanggulay on the Edge of Cairns

We invite you to spend your honeymoon at Wanggulay, regardless of the wedding venue you select. You don’t have to choose one of natures wedding venues in Cairns as we suggested. There are many excellent, more formal facilities in numerous city hotels and resorts. But for intimate accommodation, can you think of a better place than Wanggulay, the retreat that belongs to loving couples. We are the the place you always dreamed of staying after you make your marriage promises, and set off together on life’s journey.

We have two super private luxury rentals from which to choose. They are Bali-style, with upstairs bedrooms and spacious wooden decks. The only thing you will see from bed are treetops around the house, and birds twittering in the trees. We equipped the units with comforts you expect to find at home, because we use them for our own holidays too. You will find everything clean and in good working order, and we are attentive to your requests. We will even stock the fridge and larder for you, with no service charge when you place your order. Do we have a deal? We’d love it if you came to stay in Wanggulay!

natures wedding venues in Cairns

Private Plunge Pool at Wanggulay

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