Memorable Birthday Celebrations in Cairns

Birthdays mark the passage of time, and this certainly seems to go faster every year. They are moments to pause, and take stock. They are opportunities to share memories, happiness and joy. While circumstances vary as we count our 10th, 13th, 20th,21st, 30th,40th, 50th, 60th, and 70th years, there is no better place for special times than 5 Star Cairns getaway.

These special times are even better when staying in our luxury birthday accommodation. Cairns Waterfront is a short drive away where cruise ships call, and yachts sail off to uninhabited coral islands. We are on the edge of a pristine rainforest and nature reserve. The Great Barrier Reef and Port Douglas are not far off.


Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef. Photo: Rob’n’Dasha – Flickr

A debut teenage 13th birthday party goes even better on the Kuranda heights,after an exciting journey in a sky gondola to get close-up with koala bears and butterflies. Older teens and those approaching their 20th milestones will want to spend all day long snorkeling among marine nature on the Reef.

We have two exceptional holiday homes in Cairns for birthday celebrations on the North Queensland coast. Port Douglas is a short distance to the north where boats run daily from the marina to the outer reef and low isles beyond. Kite surfing from Four Mile Beach is a super way to express the exuberance that brings 21st birthday parties alive.

Celebrate your birthday in 5 Star Cairns Luxury at Wanggulay. Photo: Dark Dwarf. Flickr

Celebrate your birthday in 5 Star Cairns Luxury at Wanggulay. Photo: Dark Dwarf. Flickr

Fun-Filled Luxury Birthday Celebrations in a Rainforest Retreat

Wanggulay is not just ‘beer and skittles’ for the young set. We have guests coming to Wanggulay to celebrate their 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th and 80th birthdays with family too. We even had one turn 100 in Wanggulay and what a party they had!

We are in easy reach from virtually anywhere on the globe. Five airlines fly in to Cairns daily, with major car rental companies on standby to assist. From time to time guests sail into Cairns Waterfront on around-the world cruises. We arrange car hires and moorings with the greatest pleasure.

You will find us friendly and exceptionally helpful. We could stock the fridge with all your favourite goodies direct from Coles and Woolies. Please tell us how we can make your special birthday party even better. This is what we do and what we enjoy most.

"Spend your birthday sailing the Great Barrier Reef"

“Spend your birthday sailing the Great Barrier Reef”

A Birthday Celebration in Cairns Has So Much to See and Do

We are the best choice for special birthdays. Port Douglas, Cairns and their surrounds have restaurants, nature walks, five start resorts, and some of Australia’s finest golf courses. Our Cairns rainforest retreat is the cream in your coffee, and the icing on your cake.

Come and enjoy the best night’s sleep you ever had, and the finest morning walk through dappled sunlight to our ‘secret waterfall’ in a forest glade. Here is a list of all the things you could be doing on your birthday. We are an ideal blend between exploring nature and partying all night long in town.

Things for Kids to do Right on Our Door Step

Our Cairns birthday forest retreat welcomes kids of ages with open arms. We have swimming pools and outdoor showers, BBQ’s, and table tennis on the deck. We even have a bath in a garden where your guests could serve you champagne. Here are some amazing things you could be doing within an hour of arriving.

  • Taking sailboat and catamaran rides to the largest coral reef system in the world, and with world heritage status since 1991. The water is warm and safe for swimming with charter-boat lifesavers always in attendance. Take your pick between scuba, snorkeling, sitting in a glass-bottom boat, and sipping chilled champagne on your birthday.
  • Enjoying exhilarating sky rail rides in a gondola across the vast forest canopy, then up the Atherton Tablelands past tall waterfalls and giant trees. The historic Kuranda pioneer village has restaurants and cafés to suit all tastes. If you are having your 40th, are you going to have German tucker, Cairns fresh seafood, or Pub Grub with your mates?
  • Chilling out on a never-ending white sandy beach: Taking a quiet dip and a picnic lunch together on a blanket. Cairns and Port Douglas have continental-grade deli shops and you will definitely ‘dine in style’ in peaceful splendour with your takeaways, that rival the best sit down meal.

Are you wondering why it took you so long to decide to come to Wanggulay? Would you like to know more about the place where people come for special birthdays in 5 Star Cairns? Please enjoy your virtual visit through our gallery of super photos of what to expect

Our Vision of a Five Star Birthday Hideaway in the Forest

The place where we built Wanggulay has been special to us, ever since we came to Cairns to celebrate the 30th birthday of a dear friend. It was such a beautiful space we decided to build a holiday cottage among trees where we could enjoy rainforest walks down to river pools.

One summer, we entrusted it to someone we knew well for their 40th birthday breakaway. They wrote to thank us afterwards saying, “You have a perfect holiday rental opportunity. Why not build it out for birthday and wedding celebrations?” We thought about it, we did and we never looked back.

Premier Wanggulay with Luxury Space for Eight People

Our first Wanggulay is a dream come true for special birthdays of any age. Port Douglas where cruises leave for the Great Barrier Reef is an hour away. Cairns is a mere fifteen minutes. You are soon at the Waterfront, or on your way up to magical Kuranda that has so much to offer.


Spacious viewing decks surround the living area. The day room and bedrooms have french doors to treetop views. Rejoice with nature in surroundings that challenge Queensland’s best and some say surpass it. We welcome all ages and all well-behaved pets. We offer a complete family birthday experience. All three generations can come and share the love you built together.

Our signature theme of golden, gleaming natural wood embellished with luxurious touches,extends to a generous master suite with exceptional designer bathroom, and bridge to a swimming pool on the ground floor patio.The second bedroom and bathroom are just down the passage together with the foodie kitchen.  This part of the house is fully self-contained.

We have a two-bedroom studio on the level below for larger Cairns rainforest retreat celebrations. This comprises two double bedrooms with bathroom to the same high standard as upstairs. We included a laundry ‘just in case’ you need to recycle the swimming towels, or wash and iron a shirt or two for the return journey.

Additional luxury features in the private garden that perfect your birthday celebration comprise an infinity edge pool, and BBQ for alfresco living at its very best. You could enjoy your meal on the patio or at a secluded deck at the riverbank. Treat Wanggulay as your own home and discover the best.

Wanggulay Too Where Birthday Celebrations Come Together

Wanggulay Too is a little larger is it benefits from an extra double bedroom so there is room for everyone. Speaking of everyone, why not take them both. They are nearby each other but with breathing space. The facilities are similar but subtly different. Wanggulay Too has four double bedrooms upstairs, plus kitchen surrounded by viewing deck.

Down below, there is a private retreat for the birthday girl or boy and companion. The king-size bedroom has room for a spa bath, and of course there is a deluxe bathroom too. Everything is very private but open to nature. If it is just the two of your coming for a birthday celebration in Cairns,we have a bath in the garden with hot and cold running water. Who will bring the bathrobes and who the ice cold bubbly?

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