luxury shopping in cairns

Luxury Shopping in Cairns: The Lowdown from Locals

Cairns is a modern, vibrant city in North Queensland, Australia, with a population of approximately 150,000 people out of a regional  total of around 240,000. Consequently we have fabulous shopping districts, made extra special by the relaxing sub-tropical coastal vibe. Many folk who come to stay at Wanggulay indulge in serious retail therapy while they are here. Because being on vacation, they can spend all day doing luxury shopping in Cairns if they wish.

We created Wanggulay, arguably one of Cairns’ best luxury holiday rental’s, to reflect our community’s laid-back atmosphere best enjoyed outdoors in nature. Therefore, we ensured Wanggulay’s day room gazes out across pure heritage rain forest, with a generous balcony with space for outdoor dining. As you can see we have included every luxury, so all will be here when you arrive. In the fact the only thing that’s missing is YOU relaxing with friends and family in those comfy chairs!

luxury shopping in cairns

Wanggulay Holiday Accommodation Stunner

Luxury Shopping In Cairns at the Cairns Central Arcade

The Cairns Central Shopping Arcade incorporates the main railway station making access particularly convenient. There are three large department stores, namely a mid-to-upmarket Myer, a budget Kmart, and a mid-priced Target. Then there is a Coles for food and groceries, plus a six cinema movie house for family chilling later. But that’s not all by far, because Cairns is always full of surprises.

Cairns Central also hosts a variety of smaller niche retail businesses, such as fashion, fashion accessory, health and beauty, leisure, home, and a variety of other outlets too. There are food and dining opportunities far too many to mention. Some guests have commented you could dine around the world beneath one single, spreading roof. Regular shopping centre hours are from 9:00am t0 5:30pm Monday to Saturday, and from 10:30am to 4:00pm on Sundays. However a number of businesses, notably restaurants and diners are open before and after these times.

luxury shopping in cairns

Cairns Central: Fosnez: Public Domain

More Luxury Shopping in Cairns Down at the Pier

While Cairns Central is superbly good at being just that, The Pier Cairns pips it to the post in terms of ambience down at the yacht harbour. Its marketing people certainly are correct when they say it is unlike any other venue for luxury shopping in Cairns. It has specialty clothing stores, precious mineral jewelers, its very own art gallery, and a string of great restaurants along the boardwalk.

We think these restaurants really are the star attraction, although there are naturally other fine dining establishments elsewhere in the city and surrounds. That said, there are great choices of cuisine on offer at The Pier Cairns too, including steak, seafood, barbecue and grill, and Italian and Asian cuisines to mention only two. They also have a regular round of specialty niche events, so you are bound to find something to suit your tastes here.

The Pier Cairns: Mhenr18: Public Domain

The Direct Factory Outlet for Luxury Shopping with No Frills

In case you haven’t come across them yet, DFO Direct Factory Outlets are a relatively new Australian innovation. They are large-floor warehouse type buildings with air conditioning  and partitioned stores where national retailers sell excess stock, or overruns from the previous season. Direct Factory Outlets are great places for finding bargains, provided you shop with an open mind because you may not find exactly what you hoped for.

The Cairns DFO is a short drive inland from the Cairns coastal strip. They have 3 supermarkets, 24 fashion / apparel stores, 5 shops to browse for handbags and luggage, and 3 footwear outlets, but that’s not all. There are 12 specialty shops, 11 lifestyle and beauty boutiques, 5 home and furniture places, and 1o restaurants and diners. If you cannot find a way to spend money here, then you were not meant to. Happy shopping …

luxury shopping in cairns

DFO Cairns: Image Sentinel Property Website

Evening Shopping at the Cairns Night Markets and Food Court

Cairns people gather on summer evenings when the heat of the day is gone, and the balmy waters of the Coral Sea and our laid-back nightlife beckon. Our open air night market is increasingly popular and no wonder. What a marvellous opportunity the stands present to discover the true nature of the place and people, as they come out to play after a day at work. Take the Cairns Night Markets and Food Court, for example.

While there are elements of luxury shopping in Cairns here too, the vibe is generally more casual with opportunities for fine dining alfresco. Your lighthearted company will spice up specialties like Chinese takeaways, and New Zealand ice cream for hot balmy nighty with stars twinkling over the ocean. The 131 stalls cater for lovers of clothing, accessories, indigenous crafts, jewellery, alternative healing, and of course souvenirs. Dress casually as you like.

luxury shopping in cairns

Night Market in Cairns: Elder Matias: CC 2.0

A Prime Position for Luxury Shopping in Cairns, Abbott Street

Abbott Street is the first road inland from the Cairns Esplanade and Yacht Club, and hence prime retail property. The DFS Galleria presence in Cairns provides an exclusive selection of top accessory, fashion, jewellery, and watch brands. This is the perfect place for gifts for yourself, or special friends. International travelers qualify for duty free prices on food and wine too. Remember to bring your itinerary and passport when visiting this luxury space.

The DFS Galleria Cairns is part of a global network promising ‘world-class service with a personal touch. Returns, repairs, and exchanges are possible at any store, anywhere in the world in person or by mail. The range of brands on offer in Cairns is impressive. We go there quite often to wander through and dream. This is an A1 place for a rainy day afternoon.

DFS Galleria Cairns: Shopping Court

North, South, East, or West Wanggulay’s Best for Relaxing

We created Wanggulay – one of Cairns’ most exclusive luxury holiday rentals – to reflect our community’s laid-back atmosphere and the exquisite tastes of our guests. We ensured Wanggulay’s luxury day room gazes out across pure heritage rain forest, including a generous balcony with space for outdoor dining. As you can see we have included every luxury, so all will be here when you arrive. In the fact the only thing that’s missing is YOU, relaxing with friends and family in those comfy chairs over your favourite beverage!

The above is a just grab sample of where to go for luxury shopping in Cairns. We did not get around to visiting Smithfield Shopping Centre for family purchases. Or Stockland Cairns with big names like Amart, Big W, Coles, Target, and Woolworths. Rest assured Cairns is no ‘aussie backwater,’ although we are still friendly and approachable like country folk. Come and visit us. Come and spoil yourself with luxury shopping in Cairns, after drifting across the Great Barrier Reef all day long. And seeing the untold beauty of nature beneath the water, almost within reach so you could touch.

luxury shopping in cairns

Agincourt Reef (Part of Great Barrier Reef off Cairns): Robert Linsdell: CC 2.0

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