Luxury Resort Accommodation in Cairns Near a Top World Beach

Luxury resort accommodation and Cairns go hand in hand. One of the greatest things about it is you have a never-ending world of attractions all around you. We have water sports of all types, the largest coral reef, and an escarpment where crystal-clear waterfalls tumble down through rainforests. Today I would like to tell you a little more about our famous beaches. In fact, I am going to focus on one. This is Palm Cove just 27 kilometres away travelling north along Highway/State Route 44, which is a real pleasure in itself.

Luxury Resort Accommodation and Queensland’s Palm Cove

After chilling out in our exclusive rainforest retreat, it is a natural thing to want to explore the stunning world around you. Being on the shoreline of the Coral Sea means you have the world greatest marine nature reserve at your doorstep, not to mention more golden beaches you will ever get around to seeing. My all-time favourite is Palm Cove featured in the video and I would like to tell you why.

I will jump in by mentioning that Travel Magazine voted Palm Cove one of the Top 10 Beaches to Visit in the World recently. It’s no wonder really, when you swim out into the warm ocean, and look back at the paperbark Melaleuca trees and palms that line the esplanade. We often go there to eat because the restaurants are so good. If you fancy a bit of shopping therapy, they have laid on some of Australia’s best fashion boutiques, beauty salons, and fitness facilities just for you.

Endless Things to Do a Half Hour from Your Luxury Accommodation

You will find loads of things to do within walking distance of the Palm Cove main strip. You can explore the Great Barrier Reef by helicopter, by scuba, or simply by drifting over it in a glass-bottom boat. I am not encouraging you do this 24/7. You come us to holiday, chill out and relax, and we aim to provide you with everything that is your heart’s desire in a luxury rainforest retreat.

Perfect for Families – The Ultimate Hideaway for Couples

Wanggulay performs equally well as a luxury couple’s retreat and a pet friendly, family house by the sea.  It has everything for loving partners and the only thing you will ever see peeking through the windows are the birds. We provide all the features you expect from a spa bath to a shower in the garden. Can you seriously think of any other place where you would like to spend your holiday? Please come and see our luxury resort accommodation in Cairns for yourself.


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