Luxury Cairns Snorkeler Accommodation

Luxury Cairns Snorkeler Accommodation: The Islands off the Coast

Luxury Cairns snorkeler accommodation, what thoughts does that conjure up in your mind? Are you looking for holiday rental space voted one of the best places to stay in North Queensland.  It is no wonder we receive top ratings. First, we offer superbly fitted, discretely separate bungalows sleeping twelve adults each. Secondly, as an added bonus, these are in a sought-after Cairns suburb edging a national heritage rain forest. Well not actually the whole suburb. In our case, the gardens of our two luxurious bungalows lead directly to the banks of the seductive Barron River.  Just the place for a late night, moonlight dip beneath the stars.

Luxury Cairns Snorkeler Accommodation: Where’s Best for Diving?

We won’t pretend you can snorkel in the Barron River, where it whispers past your luxury accommodation on its way to the coast. The best we can offer are shallow dip pools for brown-bodied kids to splash about while you relax. We arranged a Victorian bath near the river’s edge for loving couples. Our guests tell us we have the ultimate place to share a loving cup of champagne in dappled shade. Did you ever lay eyes on anything half as cute as this before.


luxury Cairns snorkeler accommodation

An Outdoor Bathtub on the Fringes of the Rain Forest

Three Islands to Visit While Snorkeling off Cairns

Green Island is closest to our luxury Cairns snorkeler accommodation, and has over 700 hectares of coral reef. Therefore the cruise  takes only 45 minutes, and moreover there’s an underwater observatory for folk who like to keep their feet dry. Then Fitzroy Island is a little further at 26 kilometers off the coast. It boasts mountainous rain forests, great scuba diving, and some of the loveliest white sandy beaches anywhere in Queensland.

Finally, the Frankland Islands are just off the Cairns coast, yet uninhabited because the cluster of five islets are quite small and low lying. They are an idyllic spot for beach picnics, after diving down for exclusive views of green sea turtles, tropical fish, and giant clams. On Round Island you can even walk inland through native rain forests with tranquil rock pools.


luxury Cairns snorkeler accommodation

Approaching Green Island: Road Runnerz 45: CC 4.0

Approaching Green Island with a Bit of Everything

This island has a bit of everything, including a 46-room luxury resort, and some of the best snorkeling opportunities near Cairns. The small land mass formed 6,000 years ago when restless waves laid down sand, loose bits of coral, and other floating debris on top of the reef. But local aboriginal people tell us the island was once four times larger in time immemorial, so the past could be returning. Today, vine-covered thickets largely cover Green Island.

Access is via charter boats, a catamaran service, seaplanes, and helicopters. In addition, there are wonderful opportunities for scuba divers and snorkelers to explore marine nature at  its most spectacular. During season, dwarf minke and humpback whales arrive to birth their calves. Green Island’s resorts are open to day visitors.  So you could dine at one of the restaurants, or enjoy light bites from a pub if you wanted.


luxury Cairns snorkeler accommodation

Fitzroy Island: P Butke: CC 2.0

Fitzroy Island 45 Minutes by Ferry from Our 5 Star Accommodation

This is the largest of the islands we visit. In fact, the highest point is 372 meters above sea level. The Great Barrier Reef is all around it. Hence most of it lies within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Fitzroy Island was once part of North Queensland until it separated 8,000 years ago, and it still shares the same delightful climate just a quick ferry ride away.

Fitzroy Island has in addition a great selection of hiking trails through mangroves, open woodland, tropical pristine rain forest, and along coral beaches. Water sports include snorkeling, swimming, sea kayaking, and glass-bottom boating. The island resort has cafe’s, restaurants, and bars, so there really is something for everyone to enjoy.  This includes the unofficial, but aptly named Nudey Beach.

luxury Cairns snorkeler accommodation

Frankland Islands from North Queensland: Jim Bendon: CC 2.0

Luxury Cairns Snorkeler Accommodation: The Frankland Islands

The Frankland Islands are 6o kilometres south of Cairns, and just offshore the town of Babinda. You can skip Babinda, as it is the wettest Australian town by rainfall. However, the five Frankland Islands are a totally different matter. Each is a quintessential ‘desert island’ soaking up the sun in the warm hospitable Coral Sea. Day trips are courtesy of a single provider. But camping overnight on Russell or High Island requires a permit from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

The most interesting spots to visit are on Round, Russell, and Normanby islands. Round Island has great diving spots for observing green sea turtles, tropical fish and giant clams. While Normanby reef provides superb snorkeling opportunities. Russell Island boasts a government campsite, sandy beaches, and a forested hill where there are pythons in the bush. All five islands are alive with nesting seabirds, especially Normanby where there is restricted access from 1 September to 31 March each year during breeding.

More About Our Luxury Cairns Snorkeler Accommodation

Luxury Cairns Snorkeler Accommodation

Luxury Cairns Snorkeler Accommodation

Robert Louis Stevenson, father of the steam engine was quite a poet when he wrote “home is the sailor, home from the sea.” And you will feel at home when you relax at Wanggulay after a time exploring these intriguing islands sheltering in the Coral Sea. Please let us know if you would like us to arrange charter boats or ferry rides. We will try our best to get you ringside seats if we make your bookings in time. We know the operators well and it will be our pleasure to ‘twist their arms’ a little bit.

Our two separate, utterly private, and totally upmarket holiday rentals each sleep 10 adults in luxurious comfort, and we can always squeeze in a few kids in the day room lounge. Being directly on the edge of rain forest at the bottom of the garden means we are alive with birds rejoicing in the treetops around us. You could walk past a secret waterfall on your way down the the Barron River. It really will be our pleasure to welcome you to the North Queensland 5 Star Paradise we call Wanggulay.

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