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Luxury Cairns Rainforest Wedding Venues

Luxury Cairns Rainforest Wedding Venues

We built our two luxury Cairns rainforest wedding venues especially for brides and grooms. We wanted to perfect their special days. First, we chose an idyllic spot in the rainforest where trees grow tall and birds sing all day long. Then we built perfect companion architecture: Two gorgeous, balinese-style family holiday homes for weddings.

We built the best place to marry in Cairns, or Port Douglas,on a rise above the Barron River, after we fell in love with nature’s dip pool beneath a tinkling waterfall. Our accommodation is clad in a nocturne of gorgeous natural woods. We surrounded the upper storeys with balconies. Can you think of a better for marrying among tall trees reaching out to greet you in dappled sunlight, or beneath the stars?


Wanggulay Bali accommodates four couples in generous double bedrooms, plus space for a few kids on smaller beds. Wanggulay Too has an extra bedroom,all on its own with very private facilities. Some couples stay there all day lingering in the spa bath and sipping exotic cocktails on the private patio. Our two Five Star accommodations for wedding celebrations are discreetly separate. Many of our brides and grooms reserve both, so more guests can share their special day.

Activities in Cairns for Wedding Guests to Revel In

If combining a wedding and family reunion then Wanggulay and Cairns are perfect partners. We have the luxury laid back accommodation perfect for celebrations. The Queensland northeast coast rings out with star attractions. Can you hear the Great Barrier Reef calling you with whispering waves? It is almost lapping at our doorstep. Just imagine being able to do all this, a gentle drive away from where you stay.

  • Swim barely beneath the surface amidst colourful corals and little fishes
  • Dive deeper on scuba tanks, and experience joys the privileged few know
  • Take an exhilarating catamaran ride to an island and wander in the forest
  • Hire a yacht for the day with crew. Sail gently alongside near giant turtles
  • Relax on the Cairns Waterfront. Sample wines and seafood at lunchtime
Wonderful and beautiful underwater world with corals and tropical fish.

Wonderful and beautiful underwater world with corals and tropical fish.

A little inland from Wanggulay we have the Cairns escarpment. Getting there is a delight. The cable way station is five minutes away from Wanggulay’s family wedding venues. It is waiting to float you to historic Kuranda village. This is even more delightfully romantic than you imagine.

You could also ride on a historic railway winding up the contours past sheer waterfalls, and gasp at dramatic views. You will love this opportunity to relax while you follow in the footsteps of pioneers who opened up the hinterland. You will discover exciting activities to entertain kids,while you savour your wedding breakfast at one of many restaurants.

Wanggulay is brimming with ideas to keep your teenagers and tweenagers busy while you prepare to celebrate your love. We are not only the best place to marry anywhere in Cairns. For kiddies entertainment we offer ping-pong, apple tv, netflix, smart tv, and wi-fi all on the house.


Your Luxury Cairns Rainforest Wedding Venue Has More

Our 5 Star accommodation for weddings, and family reunions has extra features like an infinity garden pool with barbeque, a secret bathtub by the river, and a shower in the garden. It is only five minutes to the waterfall,and a dip beneath graceful rainforest giants. Are you ready to marry on our graceful viewing deck? Your wedding day is coming and it is time for you to choose.

After the ceremony you may like to linger longer, and take in the myriads of other attractions, sights and sounds that made the area famous right around the world. Depending on your taste, you could do white river rafting, hire mountain bikes, hike the river national park, or walk up a pebbled stream and build a rock dam.

You could also jump into the car and drive the gorgeous North Queensland coastline, stopping by in quiet coves, and popping into coffee shops for midmorning brunch. When you find the perfect sandy beach,swim out into the warm water of the Coral Sea.

The Wedding Key: The Magical Mystery of Wanggulay

We had a vision when we built Wanggulay Bali, and Wanggulay Too. We received a blessing when we stumbled over our piece of heaven where rainforest and Cairns meet. We had an awesome duty to preserve as much of nature as we could. As couple, we also wanted the next generation to enjoy it too. We heard childish trebles calling through the forest. We thought what a wonderful place to marry and spend a honeymoon.

Then we added the spice of our imagination to the buildings that are the x-factor of the place. At first, we used it as a holiday home occasionally. Then we thought of sharing it with others,to make it a paying proposition and be able to afford all the extra features. We are exceedingly proud of what we created. Come, marry here, and share our dreams, if even just for a few days.


Come, Stay and Share Our Wanggulay Bali Dream

The day room on the upper level of Wanggulay Bali is a symphony of polished hardwoods, natural textures, open cathedral ceilings, exotic Balinese furniture, handsome statues, and genuine Persian rugs. When you step out onto the balcony you hear birds calling from tall trees almost close enough to touch.

You are staying in the ultimate wedding venue in Cairns. We treasure families with kids. If a wedding guest wants to bring their children and treasured pet they are welcome to explore the forest at the bottom of the garden.

A master bedroom with private facilities and spa bath is a few short steps away. It boasts a private bridge to an infinity swimming pool. Have a midnight dip when the lights are out, and the rest of the family are in bed asleep. Lie back in the warm, silky water and gaze up into the stars. The universe goes on forever. It is as deep as your love.

We did not stop there when we created the ultimate family holiday home for weddings, and civil celebrations on the western fringe of Cairns. Our eight-sleeper family house has a private path to the river with a secluded breakfast deck. This is alfresco living at its very best. This is Wanggulay, the perfect place for a wedding ceremony.

Wanggulay Too Longs to Welcome You to Married Life

Wanggulay become so popular we decided to expand to a second deluxe unit, with once again everything for a self-catering holiday. We called it Wanggulay Too because that is exactly what it is, but we made it a little larger to meet popular demand for a suite within a four bedroom home.

The upper level has our signature high timber vaulted ceiling, and generous deck to which the sounds of the nearby river reach, and above which birds call. Here are four double bedrooms, one with own facilities, and a gourmet kitchen to the same standard you have at home.

Our architects did not stop there when they designed our luxury Cairns rainforest wedding venue. They created an intermediate level below, especially for our brides and grooms. We splashed out on the best bedroom furniture and the finest bathroom fittings for the suite. Then we set a spa bath in the room, and a private balcony right outside.

Wanggulay and Wangullay Too Where Magic Moments Happen

We set our family houses for weddings on the rim of Cairns, and Port Douglas nearby. When you linger a little longer with us, you discover more exhilarating water sports and quiet meanders through glorious countryside if you prefer.

We made our 5 Star accommodation for all seasons, for all couples, and for all times. Call us when you are ready to marry. We would love it if you came to stay, and exchanged your vows in our luxury holiday home with a myriad of attractions.

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