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Luxury Accommodation Cairns … The Road Less Traveled

Luxury Accommodation Cairns … The Road Less Traveled

Luxury accommodation Cairns … the road less traveled … what do these two things mean to you? There is always a pleasant surprise around the corner when visiting Cairns and its surrounds. Here we highlight some unusual things to do when visiting Wanggulay and wanting a day out. We will happily advise the best time of day and month to visit, when you give us a call or follow this link.

The road less traveled from our luxury accommodation Cairns rain forest retreat, does not lead to the Atherton Tablelands or the Great Barrier Reef today, although you surely ought to see these soon. Instead, we are going to visit four lesser attractions more off the beaten track. We have one waterfall, one historic mansion, one tank museum, and one pioneer village on the menu.  Where would you like to start?

How About the Australian Armour and Artillery Museum …

While war is understandably not everybody’s cup of tea, we do owe much to the youth that protected us in times of trouble. The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum with 74 fighting vehicles provides an opportunity to stop by, learn, and reflect on Australian, American, German, Russian, and British military hardware.

Exhibits include the actual tank turret that Wargaming World of Tanks used to develop their simulator, and the Tiger Tank replica used for the movie Fury starring Brad Pitt, Michael Peña, Shia LaBeouf, Jason Isaacs, Jon Bernthal, and Logan Lerman.   The souvenir shop sells the usual bric-a-brac, and has a great collection of model kits and accessories. You could even take a ride in a historic fighting vehicle if you are there between 11am and 2pm!

Prhaps a Cooling Dip at Millaa Millaa Falls Instead …

Millaa Millaa is an easy 2-hour drive south from Cairns along the Gillies Highway. After 33-kilometres, the route heads further inland from Gordonville right up into the Gillies Range. The route is famous far having 262 corners climbing 800 meters in under 19 kilometers. The air becomes refreshingly cooler and boasts stunning lookout spots across deep valleys of the Great Dividing range. But the pearl in the crown surely must be Millaa Millaa Falls.

Millaa Millaa Falls: Vincent Lee: CC 2.0

You’ll come upon Millaa Millaa falls on a winding 17-kilometre tarred circuit that takes in Ellinjaa Falls (a vertical cataract) and Zillie Falls which is a torrent when rain falls upstream in season. The Millaa Millaa township is a small village with spectacular views across a green and verdant landscape. It has a small collection of restaurants and coffee shops catering to a never-ending trickle of tourists. A nice place for peace and quiet on a road going nowhere slowly. A super opportunity for photography. Now let me see… what’s next, I got it Herberton Historic Village

Herberton Historic Village: Not Quite the Luxury Accommodation Cairns Provides

I must be honest. Herberton Historic Village is not the real thing, although it does come extremely close. In 1977, visionaries saw that Queensland’s pioneering heritage was falling into disrepair. Moreover it was all over the place, making it impossible to manage centrally. So they gathered all the building and artifacts that they could preserve and store, and created an amazing treasure trove of 50 buildings and 150,000 exhibits. What a way to appreciate what our ancestors did for us, and more than a trip down memory lane.

Herberton Historic Village: Tanya Snelling: CC 3.0

A pleasant ninety minute meander from Cairns brings you to a laid-back, 16-acre spread featuring a bank, chemist, garage, printer, and bank, together with houses, shops and a quintessentially Australian pub. There are more than 5o buildings to visit, and loads of antiques, vintage vehicles, and machinery. The Bakerville Tearoom is open every day for delicious home-style cooking. Over weekends and in school holidays the Pioneer Camp offers freshly made damper soda bread, camp oven stew and billy tea. This is an absolute must for down memory laners.

Paronella Park – The Ultimate ‘Cairns Luxury Accommodation’

Two hours down the road from Cairns, Paronella Park has a magic story to tell about the people who made Australia great. One José Paronella arrived from Spain in 1887, and made a fortune buying, improving, and selling cane farms. By 1898 he had everything a man could want but a wife. So he sailed for Spain and brought Margarita home as his bride. Between them they designed and built this replica Spanish castle, complete with cinema and ballroom to provide entertainment for the public, at a price.

Then they planted magnificent gardens to complement the waterfall thundering in the gorge. In time, they tamed their paradise with a hydro-generator and provided electricity to the village. Some say the ghosts of José Paronella and his first love Margarita dance before the full moon when the sky is clear at midnight.  It is a lovely story. Why should we deny it? Luxury accommodation Cairns … the road less traveled … and we have so much more to share when you book our luxurious home adjoining a rain forest.

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