Luxury Accommodation Cairns Whales on View

Luxury Accommodation Cairns Whales are Here!

Luxury accommodation Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef go together like bacon and eggs, and beer at a barbie making steaks. The whales have arrived. Come and see. They are gracing the Great Barrier Reef with all their splendour. Thus Cairns is the perfect place to go whale watching this season. With an average daytime temperature of 24.6 degrees, a morning or afternoon spent on the water couldn’t get any better.

luxury accommodation Cairns

Every year our Humpback and Dwarf Minke whales travel 8,000km up the coast from the Antarctic to the warmer waters of tropical Queensland. Offshore from Cairns, they stop to either find a mate or give birth to their calves in the Great Barrier Reef waters. When they are ready, they head back down south in September at a gentler rate. We walk slower with little kids. By the same token, whale mums and dads swim slower to accommodate their calves on their first southern migration.

Luxury Accommodation Cairns is Special

Humpback Whales are known as the “show-offs” of the annual Australian whale migration. Thus you’ll often see them breaching or their tails in the air giving the “Humpback Wave”. If you’re lucky to be in a boat with a hull, you might even get the chance to hear them sing. That is something extra special, don’t you think? Just like the best luxury accommodation Cairns has on its books.

Luxury Accommodation Cairns

Humpback Whale: NOAA: Public Domain

Minke Whales and You Can Swim with Them!

Cairns is one of the few spots in the world where you have the opportunity to cruise the Great Barrier Reef and swim with Dwarf Minke Whales. These are the second smallest baleen whales at between a third and half the size of Humpbacks. However we are really lucky here in Cairns to get visits from the Dwarf Minke. They so are rare yet researchers believe we have around two hundred visiting our area annually.

One of the most fascinating things about Dwarf Minke Whales is that they regularly follow boats on the reef. They will interact with divers and snorkelers, swimming up close and looking you in the eye. We’ve had a few Wanggulay visitors take the opportunity to swim with our Dwarf Minkes. They’ve said it was one of the most amazing experiences of their trip to Cairns.

Interestingly, researchers still aren’t sure where our Dwarf Minkes come from, or where they return to after their annual migration. They have been trying to crack this mystery for twelve years.  It might be a little while before we know where these inquisitive visitors live for the rest of the year. What we do know is we have some super family accommodation on offer. After you have visited you may agree we have the finest 5 Star Luxury Accommodation Cairns has anywhere.

Luxurious Cairns Family Accommodation

So give us a call if you are planning coming our way. We have been ‘living with whales’ so to speak for over ten years. We know the best boat operators you can rely on to take you to the best spots. And when you return home in the evening, you will find this ultimate home in the rain forest has everything you ever needed in the way of luxury accommodation, Cairns style.

luxury accommodation Cairns

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