far north queensland holiday attractions

Far North Queensland Holiday Attractions

Far North Queensland holiday attractions are so diverse it is not easy to know where to start.  Because the region forms the northernmost part of a state that is larger than many countries. Yet much of it is so historically remote, with many areas of great undeveloped beauty. There is no official boundary to the south, although officially it extends down to Rockhampton.  For the rest, the ocean surrounds us to the north, the east, and the west.

The main attractions are along the eastern coastline, where Far North Queensland borders on the azure tropical Coral Sea. Here we find the Great Barrier Reef, and the Magnetic and Whitsunday Islands. Just inland there are vast tropical rain forests including a legendary one at Daintree. Cairns, where we built Wanggulay, is the main tourist magnet. However for sheer beauty it is had to beat remote Eungella National Park, 752 kilometres to the south and on the edge of the Clarke Range of mountains …

far north queensland holiday attractions

Eungella National Park: Ben and Katherine Photos: CC 2.0

Untouched Beauty and Adventure Among Far North Queensland Holiday Attractions

We totally agree with tourism experts when they say “Tropical North Queensland fits in more untouched beauty, ancient culture and adventure within its borders than some entire countries manage to do.” And that’s not even mentioning our twin World Heritage Sites, the Great Barrier Reef and the  Wet Tropics Rain Forest. Visiting these sites is a life-changer. You visit places most folk around the world only see on National Geographic television.

We cannot complete this part without providing an update regarding our magnificent Great Barrier Reef. Most of this is looking good, except the extreme north where the water is warmer. Australia is a wide expansive space. Our reef stretches across an area of 344,401 square kilometres (132,974 square miles). To put this is context, this is larger than Finland, Malaysia, Norway and a host of other countries. It is our privilege, as Far North Queenslanders, to be custodians of one of the world’s great natural treasures …

far north queensland holiday attractions

Great Barrier Fishes: Kyle Taylor: CC 2.0

Our Great Barrier Reef. The Best of Far North Queensland Holiday Attractions?

It’s an open question.  Big and glamorous is not always best. Beauty sometimes lies in tinier details of aboriginal art surviving in remoter places. Take the Mungallala Station experience, for example. This is some 283 kilometres south of Cairns, and a great stopover if driving up from Brisbane. Mungallala Station is an indigenous enterprise where you can walk through history stretching over thousands of years. If this does not fit in with your plans, then try Tjapukai Cultural Park on our doorstep, which is a reconstruction with rituals and dramatic events.

If you stop over for the night at Mungallala, you could enjoy a cultural meal to light folk music performed by local people. The food from their traditional underground ovens bakes all day long on hot rocks and is truly delicious and tender. The land was recently returned to the original  Nywaigi tribal owners. It is great to see a new community forming. It is so rich in a history spanning over 50,000 years. Seeing them back where they have yearned to be for so long, is a new legend beginning …

far north queensland holiday attractions

Ooline Forest, Mungallala, Nywaigi Territory: Stanley Cochrane: CC 2.0

From Mungallala Station to Daintree Forest

The Daintree Forest is by far one of the loveliest Far North Queensland holiday attractions. Where else  can kids roam free in the oldest tropical rain forest in the world, and see endangered Southern Cassowary birds in genuine natural surroundings. However, please keep your distance if coming near one.  Cassowaries are no chicken feed! Their beaks can be as much as 1.8 meters above ground level when standing tall, and they weigh as much as 55 kilograms.

The Daintree Discovery Centre is a great place to start your visit. They have audio-assisted advice on each of 5 self-guided tours. You’ll have great views from the 125-meter-long rain forest sky-walk. Who knows, an inquisitive cassowary may even pop its head out of the undergrowth whole you are enjoying the Busk Tucker or Cassowary boardwalk circuit. And taking in prehistoric trees and plants with strange names like Idiot Fruit …

far north queensland holiday attractions

Southern Cassowary: Arjan Haverkam: CC 2.0

You are Not Far Away from Cape Tribulation Beach when in Daintree

The river that tumbles down from the mountains, and flows through Daintree Rain Forest 110 kilometres north of Cairns enters the warm Coral Sea at a place Captain James Cook called Cape Tribulation. For it was offshore from here that he discovered the Great Barrier Reef on 10 June 1770. Or more correctly, collided with it at 6 in the evening in winter as darkness closed in. He wrote in his diary,  “…the north point [was named] Cape Tribulation because here begun all our troubles” the following morning.

Today, Cape Tribulation is the best of Far North Queensland holiday attractions for those in the know. After the forests surrounding it received a World Heritage Listing true lovers of nature (and naturalism) trickled in, in small numbers.  The approximately 300 permanent residents provide a secluded campsite, and a few bed-and-breakfasts tucked away in the vegetation. What’s extra special is you can walk for hours on the beach, and not see a single soul outside of high season …

far north queensland holiday attractions

Cape Tribulation: Laurel Lodged: CC 3.0

The Never-Ending Holiday Attractions of Far North Queensland

We always only seem to scratch the surface when we write about what we believe is the loveliest part of the world. We did not even get around to tales of walking, or cycling, or galloping along this beautiful beach, or kayaking at the back line where the surf begins to rise. If you want to reconnect to land we call Australia, there are a myriad of other things you can do. We sincerely hope that one of those other things will be staying in our holiday rental, Wanggulay. We are local people, and we can tell you about attractions desk clerks at holiday resorts may never know.

We’ll tell you about a magic place called the Atherton Tableland when you arrive. This is inland to the east of us atop a small escarpment. We’ll tell you where to go to find locally-made coffees, cheeses, chocolates, liqueurs and more. You will soon discover the finest Far North Queensland holiday attraction for yourself. That’s the warm, hospitable welcome you receive from us, everywhere you go. Here is your private luxury rental in the midst of all these Far North Queensland holiday attractions …

far north queensland holiday attractions

Wanggulay Luxury Holiday Accommodation on the Edge of the Rain Forest


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