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Come Fly with Us at the Butterfly Sanctuary

Family holidays are all about new experiences, and less than half an hour from us here at Wanggulay you can spend some time in a magical place – the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary.

Home to over 2000 butterflies, the Sanctuary is a great place to visit, especially for the kids where they can explore the Sanctuary, learn about butterflies and see hundreds of different types of butterflies from the colourful electric blue Ulysses through to the beautiful green and yellow Cairns Birdwing; you can join in on guided tours of the aviaries and butterfly breeding laboratory, or just immerse yourself in the educational exhibits.

We’ve take a few family members and friends here throughout the years, and certainly recommend our guests to check it out – the Sanctuary provides a lovely couple of hours out and lets everyone discover something they normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to see. You can check out exhibits including the Silk Moth Caterpillars display, the butterfly museum and the UV light display.

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary rears all of their own butterflies, so you’ll also have the opportunity to check out the egg laying area, the breeding laboratory and the emergence cage, where butterfly pupae are hung to emerge from their cocoons.

There are a number of guided tours throughout the day, free of charge, so if you’d like to learn more about the butterflies that are reared in the Sanctuary, and that you’ll see flying about, these are the tours to do so.

There is one tip we absolutely must give you though if you are going to visit the butterflies – wearing bright colours may attract the butterflies to you which means potential of some great photo opportunities if they land on you. We’ve been told lots of stories from visitors and locals alike of 5 or 6 butterflies landing on hats or shirts and sitting there for minutes at a time – what a great experience!

The Sanctuary is only a short 800 metre walk from the Kuranda Railway Station so is a great place to include in your day out to Kuranda (which of course is a must do when you come to Cairns).

You really need two or more days to see what the Kuranda area has to offer, and the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is just the beginning – a colourful one at that!

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