Natures Wedding Venues in Cairns, North Queensland

Cairns is a magnet for couples marrying, not to mention those on first and second honeymoons too. Our pleasant, laid back environment inspires thoughts of living together forever in the future. The city and surrounds have numerous commercial wedding venues at resorts, hotels, and country retreats. Some couples feel there have been so many weddings in these places, that it is almost like a ritual repeated many times before. Thus they prefer to make their promises in nature without a formal ceremony. We wrote this post to introduce four of natures wedding venues in Cairns.

Here we share some of the loveliest natural spots we know of in our tropical paradise. In this regard please note we don’t make arrangements, conduct marriages, and lay on banquets afterwards. We are simply custodians of one of the best places for loving couples, and perhaps their guests to stay. We can accommodate up to two dozen people in two separate luxury holiday rentals. One has a flatlet on a separate level on its own. We will introduce you to local people we know well, who do make arrangements, conduct marriages, and lay on banquets afterwards. Does this sound like a good deal to you.

natures wedding venues in cairns

Luxury Living: Wanggulay Master Suite

Natures Wedding Venues in Cairns at Waterfalls

Cairns has almost a dozen gorgeous waterfalls within easy driving distance of our luxury Wanggulay holiday accommodation. We believe the loveliest of them is Millaa Millaa, the aboriginal world for the elaeagnus triflora rain forest vine with deliciously tangy fruit high in antioxidants. The falls plunge 18 meters and are approximately 100 kilometres from Cairns on Gillies Range Road.

Millaa Millaa was once a regular camping spot for mule trains traveling to and from remote settlements and mines. The area they leveled for bivouacking has since become a grassed viewing area surrounded by indigenous vegetation. There are toilets, barbecues, a shelter shed, and information displays in bus shelters. This is also a lovely swimming hole for a quiet dip out of season. The water is crisp, but equally refreshing. This is one of the best of natures wedding venues in Cairns we know, albeit it not for winter swims.

natural wedding venues in cairns

Milla Milla Falls: John Hill: CC 4.0

Cairns Botanic Gardens Make a Divine Wedding Venue Too

The Cairns Botanic Gardens has the best collection of tropical plants anywhere in Australia. You may have heard it called the Flecker Botanic Gardens after the founder but the two are the same thing. There are gentle trails for walking through the Flecker and Gondwana Heritage Gardens,  pausing at the Watkins Munro Martin Conservatory, relaxing on lawns around the Freshwater and Saltwater Lakes, and perhaps quietly exchanging promises in the Zhanjiang Friendship Gardens.

The Cairns Botanic Gardens are open all year round from 7.30am to 5.30pm, and entry is free for all. A dream wedding could happen right here in this divine setting. The Cairns Regional Council  hires wedding venues if you prefer a formal ceremony. There are a variety of guided tours available to familiarize yourself with the layout, and a visitor centre although this is closed on Christmas Day, and on afternoons on public holidays. The gardens are rich in birds and butterflies.  The paths are all wheelchair friendly, except for a few in the Flecker Heritage  Garden. Our guests praise this venue highly.

natural wedding venues in cairns

Tropical Rain Forest in Cairns Botanic Gardens: Brewbooks: CC 2.0

A Private Space for a Quiet, Intimate Ceremony in the Clouds

The Barron River Canyon is a 30-kilometre gorge carved out between the mountains with rugged hiking trails. Fortunately for loving couples seeking solitude there is a cable way crossing over it on its way up to historic pioneer Kuranda Village.  There is also a period railway line snaking up the mountains through 15 tunnels, and over 37 bridges. It is possible to combine the two, so you go up one way up from Cairns, and back down the other way.

The Cairns Skyrail cable service comprises 11 ‘diamond view’ gondolas spaced 7 minutes apart. They also have a more hectic, open plan ‘platform’, with guard rails and a ranger in control. The gondolas seat five passengers making them perfect for a bridal couple plus two friends as witnesses. We suggest reserving the fifth seat for the champagne and tasty snacks you bring along with you. This could be the coolest of natures wedding venues in Cairns.

natural wedding venues in cairns

Cairns Skyrail with Coral Sea Beyond: Amayagan: CC 2.0

A Secret Wedding Treading Water On The Great Barrier Reef

We saved the best of all our natures wedding venues in Cairns until last. Let’s say you are determined to promise your undying allegiance and love, but your family or friends are not ready for whatever reason they have. Perhaps they will never be comfortable with your relationship, but you are in love and that’s what matters. At Wanggulay we welcome all loving couples to our romantic holiday accommodation, because we believe that love has no boundaries or fences.

So here’s our suggestion for your private wedding. Take a ferry from Cairns to the Great Barrier Reef an hour’s fast catamaran ride away.  When you get there, change into swimming costumes with hidden pockets for your wedding rings. Slip into the warm, embracing water. After you swim a short distance slide the wedding rings over each other’s fingers and declare your undying love. Share a lingering kiss under the great blue sky. Nature is your witness. Now you are finally wed, forever, in endlessly creative nature.

natural wedding venues in cairns

Endlessly Creative Nature: Kyle Taylor: CC 2.0

Your Super Honeymoon Accommodation at Wanggulay on the Edge of Cairns

We invite you to spend your honeymoon at Wanggulay, regardless of the wedding venue you select. You don’t have to choose one of natures wedding venues in Cairns as we suggested. There are many excellent, more formal facilities in numerous city hotels and resorts. But for intimate accommodation, can you think of a better place than Wanggulay, the retreat that belongs to loving couples. We are the the place you always dreamed of staying after you make your marriage promises, and set off together on life’s journey.

We have two super private luxury rentals from which to choose. They are Bali-style, with upstairs bedrooms and spacious wooden decks. The only thing you will see from bed are treetops around the house, and birds twittering in the trees. We equipped the units with comforts you expect to find at home, because we use them for our own holidays too. You will find everything clean and in good working order, and we are attentive to your requests. We will even stock the fridge and larder for you, with no service charge when you place your order. Do we have a deal? We’d love it if you came to stay in Wanggulay!

natures wedding venues in Cairns

Private Plunge Pool at Wanggulay

Cairns Romantic Accommodation

What Lies Westward of Our Cairns Romantic Accommodation

The geography of Far North Queensland varies greatly as the coastal strip gives way to the Great Dividing Range. Drive across the Atherton Tableland, and go a scant two hundred kilometres further west. You could end up in a land of rusty tin shacks, red dust, and emus with penetrating glances. Let’s set that option aside for now, and take a car trip to the west, and upwards to the Atherton Tableland. Read more

Wanggulay Outdoor Dining Space

Cairns Romantic Accomodation – What’s for Breakfast?

A Cairns romantic breakfast for two in your Cairns romantic accommodation. Now that sounds like a good idea, strictly between the two of you of course. We have a top notch kitchen  at Wanggulay but there’s just one problem. Who is going to get out of bed, cook bacon and eggs, and butter the toast and make the coffee when you would rather linger in the private swimming pool or have a shower at the bottom of the garden. Good news is we have many other choices just for you to choose.

Cairns Romantic Accommodation – What’s for Breakfast at Kuranda?

Choice number one could be coffee, fruit, and frozen yogurt before you head for the railway station and take a romantic vintage train ride up the Barron River escarpment to the lovely, laid back village of Kuranda. This is a real peach of a place with a lovely covered market and restaurants and coffee shops galore. Try taking the return journey on the skyrail rainforest cableway. The gondolas are super comfy and the views incomparable drifting back down to your Cairns romantic accommodation.

Cairns Romantic Accommodation

Morning Shower in the Rain Forest: EOS Dude: CC 2.0

Caffiend When Not Breakfasting in Your Cairns Romantic Accommodation

Our guests love getting out and exploring the local cafes, shops and restaurants. We can’t blame them because Cairns is home to some brilliant restaurants and cafes serving  fantastic local food. Caffiend is one of our favourite places on the odd weekend we stay over. Especially for a weekend brunch in a place dedicated to coffee, art and music.

To start with the coffee is fantastic. This alone will make you want to come back again. The beans are roasted by our local Tattooed Sailor Coffee Roasters, and you can certainly taste the difference. But the real star is the menu. The chefs at Caffiend take the best of  local tropical produce and turn it into something  quite amazing. A Caffiend breakfast is one of our favourite meals of the day.

One of the best we’ve tasted was a miso scramble with bonito, smoked salmon and avocado – yum! Caffiend isn’t just for breakfast though. We’ve had some great afternoon tea catch-ups there. And why wouldn’t you, with chocolate, ricotta and raspberry cake topped with locally made coconut gelato, dehydrated raspberries and coconut chips. In fact, we might just head off there now!

Cairns Romantic Breakfast Opportunities at Palm Cove

Palm Cove is a pretty little village 17 kilometres north of Cairns along the coastal Captain Cook Highway. Out of season, it has a population of some 1,250 people, making it an even better place to visit for a romantic breakfast. There is a row of signature palm trees all the way along the beach, a small island out to sea, and great protected swimming inland of the reef.

You will find the kind of pristine beaches and tree lined paths at Palm Beach that set walkers, joggers, and cyclists dreaming. The fishing is good with mackerel and giant trevally great catching off the cove jetty when they are biting. The Australian Good Food and Travel Guide lists 15 restaurants to consider for breakfast, lunch, and supper, and some of these we can personally recommend as very good bordering on exceptional.

Cairns Romantic Accommodation

Palm Cove Beach Australia: Eugene O: CC 2.0

Cairns Romantic Accommodation: How About Brunch Instead

Let’s face up to it and admit not all of us are morning people. As a counter proposal to rising early, how about a fresh fruit breakfast from your very own Wanggulay kitchen followed by a coffee. And perhaps a gentle stroll down to the river to tempt your taste buds for an inspiring brunch. Le Crouton at nearby Freshwater is one of our very best favourites, but is popular over weekends. This makes it an option for a mid-week  treat when staying at our Wanggulay romantic accommodation.

Now you might have guessed from the name that Le Crouton is a French establishment, but this isn’t actually a restaurant. Instead, it is an artisan-al bakery serving up all manner of pastries and and specialist breads.  The latter is so delicious you will want to grab a loaf or two and bring them back to Wanggulay. Before you do though, linger to taste their classic filled croissants, almond croissants, amazing brioches, and for the sweet tooth, their custard-cream horns. Bon appetit, but hide the bathroom scale  in our special paradise!

Cairns Romantic Accommodation

Croutons with a Difference: Le Crouton Facebook Page

Wanggulay in the Late Afternoon

Luxury Accommodation Cairns … The Road Less Traveled

Luxury Accommodation Cairns … The Road Less Traveled

Luxury accommodation Cairns … the road less traveled … what do these two things mean to you? There is always a pleasant surprise around the corner when visiting Cairns and its surrounds. Here we highlight some unusual things to do when visiting Wanggulay Read more

Bride Hug Groom With Wedding Bouquet

Luxury Cairns Rainforest Wedding Venues

Luxury Cairns Rainforest Wedding Venues

We built our two luxury Cairns rainforest wedding venues especially for brides and grooms. We wanted to perfect their special days. First, we chose an idyllic spot in the rainforest where trees grow tall and birds sing all day long. Then we built perfect companion architecture: Two gorgeous, balinese-style family holiday homes for weddings.

We built the best place to marry in Cairns, or Port Douglas,on a rise above the Barron River, after we fell in love with nature’s dip pool beneath a tinkling waterfall. Our accommodation is clad in a nocturne of gorgeous natural woods. We surrounded the upper storeys with balconies. Can you think of a better for marrying among tall trees reaching out to greet you in dappled sunlight, or beneath the stars?


Wanggulay Bali accommodates four couples in generous double bedrooms, plus space for a few kids on smaller beds. Wanggulay Too has an extra bedroom,all on its own with very private facilities. Some couples stay there all day lingering in the spa bath and sipping exotic cocktails on the private patio. Our two Five Star accommodations for wedding celebrations are discreetly separate. Many of our brides and grooms reserve both, so more guests can share their special day.

Activities in Cairns for Wedding Guests to Revel In

If combining a wedding and family reunion then Wanggulay and Cairns are perfect partners. We have the luxury laid back accommodation perfect for celebrations. The Queensland northeast coast rings out with star attractions. Can you hear the Great Barrier Reef calling you with whispering waves? It is almost lapping at our doorstep. Just imagine being able to do all this, a gentle drive away from where you stay.

  • Swim barely beneath the surface amidst colourful corals and little fishes
  • Dive deeper on scuba tanks, and experience joys the privileged few know
  • Take an exhilarating catamaran ride to an island and wander in the forest
  • Hire a yacht for the day with crew. Sail gently alongside near giant turtles
  • Relax on the Cairns Waterfront. Sample wines and seafood at lunchtime
Wonderful and beautiful underwater world with corals and tropical fish.

Wonderful and beautiful underwater world with corals and tropical fish.

A little inland from Wanggulay we have the Cairns escarpment. Getting there is a delight. The cable way station is five minutes away from Wanggulay’s family wedding venues. It is waiting to float you to historic Kuranda village. This is even more delightfully romantic than you imagine.

You could also ride on a historic railway winding up the contours past sheer waterfalls, and gasp at dramatic views. You will love this opportunity to relax while you follow in the footsteps of pioneers who opened up the hinterland. You will discover exciting activities to entertain kids,while you savour your wedding breakfast at one of many restaurants.

Wanggulay is brimming with ideas to keep your teenagers and tweenagers busy while you prepare to celebrate your love. We are not only the best place to marry anywhere in Cairns. For kiddies entertainment we offer ping-pong, apple tv, netflix, smart tv, and wi-fi all on the house.


Your Luxury Cairns Rainforest Wedding Venue Has More

Our 5 Star accommodation for weddings, and family reunions has extra features like an infinity garden pool with barbeque, a secret bathtub by the river, and a shower in the garden. It is only five minutes to the waterfall,and a dip beneath graceful rainforest giants. Are you ready to marry on our graceful viewing deck? Your wedding day is coming and it is time for you to choose.

After the ceremony you may like to linger longer, and take in the myriads of other attractions, sights and sounds that made the area famous right around the world. Depending on your taste, you could do white river rafting, hire mountain bikes, hike the river national park, or walk up a pebbled stream and build a rock dam.

You could also jump into the car and drive the gorgeous North Queensland coastline, stopping by in quiet coves, and popping into coffee shops for midmorning brunch. When you find the perfect sandy beach,swim out into the warm water of the Coral Sea.

The Wedding Key: The Magical Mystery of Wanggulay

We had a vision when we built Wanggulay Bali, and Wanggulay Too. We received a blessing when we stumbled over our piece of heaven where rainforest and Cairns meet. We had an awesome duty to preserve as much of nature as we could. As couple, we also wanted the next generation to enjoy it too. We heard childish trebles calling through the forest. We thought what a wonderful place to marry and spend a honeymoon.

Then we added the spice of our imagination to the buildings that are the x-factor of the place. At first, we used it as a holiday home occasionally. Then we thought of sharing it with others,to make it a paying proposition and be able to afford all the extra features. We are exceedingly proud of what we created. Come, marry here, and share our dreams, if even just for a few days.


Come, Stay and Share Our Wanggulay Bali Dream

The day room on the upper level of Wanggulay Bali is a symphony of polished hardwoods, natural textures, open cathedral ceilings, exotic Balinese furniture, handsome statues, and genuine Persian rugs. When you step out onto the balcony you hear birds calling from tall trees almost close enough to touch.

You are staying in the ultimate wedding venue in Cairns. We treasure families with kids. If a wedding guest wants to bring their children and treasured pet they are welcome to explore the forest at the bottom of the garden.

A master bedroom with private facilities and spa bath is a few short steps away. It boasts a private bridge to an infinity swimming pool. Have a midnight dip when the lights are out, and the rest of the family are in bed asleep. Lie back in the warm, silky water and gaze up into the stars. The universe goes on forever. It is as deep as your love.

We did not stop there when we created the ultimate family holiday home for weddings, and civil celebrations on the western fringe of Cairns. Our eight-sleeper family house has a private path to the river with a secluded breakfast deck. This is alfresco living at its very best. This is Wanggulay, the perfect place for a wedding ceremony.

Wanggulay Too Longs to Welcome You to Married Life

Wanggulay become so popular we decided to expand to a second deluxe unit, with once again everything for a self-catering holiday. We called it Wanggulay Too because that is exactly what it is, but we made it a little larger to meet popular demand for a suite within a four bedroom home.

The upper level has our signature high timber vaulted ceiling, and generous deck to which the sounds of the nearby river reach, and above which birds call. Here are four double bedrooms, one with own facilities, and a gourmet kitchen to the same standard you have at home.

Our architects did not stop there when they designed our luxury Cairns rainforest wedding venue. They created an intermediate level below, especially for our brides and grooms. We splashed out on the best bedroom furniture and the finest bathroom fittings for the suite. Then we set a spa bath in the room, and a private balcony right outside.

Wanggulay and Wangullay Too Where Magic Moments Happen

We set our family houses for weddings on the rim of Cairns, and Port Douglas nearby. When you linger a little longer with us, you discover more exhilarating water sports and quiet meanders through glorious countryside if you prefer.

We made our 5 Star accommodation for all seasons, for all couples, and for all times. Call us when you are ready to marry. We would love it if you came to stay, and exchanged your vows in our luxury holiday home with a myriad of attractions.

5 star Cairns Honeymoon Accommodation

A Special Paradise for a Loving Couple like You

If you want to celebrate your love, our two Wanggulay rainforest homes have features that are so much better than public holiday accommodation. We created two separate parts of paradise in perfect tune with our warm tropical climate, lovely natural forest environment, and the show-stopping Great Barrier Reef that is nature’s greatest treasure.

You don’t need a car to go swimming at the foot of a waterfall in our peaceful national park, where birds serenade you as you follow a well-marked, easy going trail. It takes just ten minutes from the front door to where you wade down a gentle slope and slip into the embrace of the brightest, cleanest water.

This is one of our most favourite picnic places. The rocks are set out as if somebody planned them, so you will do more that perch as you enjoy tasty canapes and a glass or two of champagne. It is safe to come here at night provided you wear good shoes and have a torch. This could be ultimate dipping opportunity, as you lie back in the moonlight and savour the sounds of the forest.

Wanggulay Bali has a lovers’ nest all on its own among the treetops, with indoor spa bath, generous shower, and rimless pool at the far end of a private bridge. Wanggulay Too competes with a secret couple’s pad with huge bed to roll about on all day long. Choose between the designer bathroom, spa bath in the bedroom, and antique Victorian bath down by the riverside.

Please have a wander around our website and discover all the other wonderful things to do a short drive from Wanggulay. We dropped our prices by $100 this month to celebrate spring so now is a good time to book. Please help yourself to our free travel guide to learn more about the leading Cairns

Cairns Regional Gallery Exotic Landscapes

A Luxury Rainforest Retreat in Reach of Everything

People often call to ask me what really singles us out. I thought I would touch on the key aspect today. What makes us unique is our luxury Cairns accommodation is fully self-contained on the edge of pristine wilderness. Yet at the same time, Cairns is only a short drive away from fabulous things to see, and wonderful things to do for the whole family.

The range of music and art available in Cairns sometimes surprises overseas visitors. It’s our own fault really. Perhaps it is time we stopped pretending we are such a rough and ready lot. Our choral society has been entertaining us since the early 19th Century, and we have soul music in pubs after dark.

Our regional gallery has vibrant original aboriginal and modern art on show. There is a great gallery shop perfect for creative gifts inspired by the main collection and the North Queensland theme. Speaking of value for money, we have a special running this month.

If you move quickly, we have dropped our rates for Wanggulay Bali and Wanggulay Too by $100 a day, but just for this September. Here is your reservation form ready and waiting. Do not delay. See you soon.

If you prefer stronger adrenalin rushes there are exhilarating Cairns attractions waiting for you not far from Wanggulay Bali and Wanggulay Too. The $100 you could save daily this month will subsidise your trip to the Great Barrier Reef, or you could spend it on a great meal out.

We are constantly striving to deliver the ultimate rainforest holiday. We would really love it if you stayed with us in our luxury Cairns rainforest retreat. Click here for great family holiday ideas.


Wake Up to the Sounds of the Rainforest

If you’ve never woken up to the sounds of the rainforest before, on your first morning at Wanggulay you may think you’ve been transported to another place and time. There’s no traffic noise here to wake you up; instead, you’ll slowly wake up to the sounds of the rainforest birds as they sing their morning songs.

Take a look at this video and see how close you are to rainforest canopy from the main bedroom at Wanggulay.

But it’s not just in the morning that you’ll realise how close to nature you are. Throughout the day, different birds will visit near Wanggulay, giving you a sense of just how diverse the rainforest really is.

The Barron Gorge National Park is within the Wet Tropics World Heritage area, so you will certainly get to hear, and see, a range of birds, particularly some you won’t see in many other places around Australia.

The wompoofruit-dove’s “wallock-a-woo” call, that you can hear here on photographer Graeme Chapman’s website, is rather distinctive. For such a brightly coloured bird they certainly blend into their surrounds, so you’ll need to keep your eye out for them.

A Woompoo Fruit Dove Sitting on a Fig Tree, Queensland, Australia

Photo: Wompoo Fruit-Dove

The screech of the scaly-breasted lorikeets will certainly make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the rainforest, while the scratching around of the brush-turkey’s and orange-footed scrubfowl will have you looking out for them on the rainforest floor. You might even be lucky enough to spot a southern cassowary feeding on the rainforest fruits.

Photo: Scaly-Breasted Lorikeet

Photo: Scaly-Breasted Lorikeet

It’s not just birds who visit us here in the Barron Gorge National Park. There’s also a huge number of animals that call the park home that you should keep an eye out for when you’re relaxing on the deck or going for a walk through the park.

Photo: Spotted Quoll

Photo: Spotted Quoll

You’ll often find stripped possums, Lumholtz’s tree-kangraroos, and spotted-tailed quolls amongst many others. If you’re walking around the grounds of Wanggulay, keep an eye out for the short-beaked echidna – you’ll need to be quick to spot these guys as they can bury under leaf little quite quickly. If you’re out walking along the creeks, watch for the elusive platypus – they are often hard to spot, and if you manage to catch a photo of one we’d love to see it!

A Platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) on surface of creek in daylight with eyes open. ** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes

Photo: Platypus

There’s so many different species of wildlife surrounding us here at Wanggulay. If you’re ready to wake up to nature instead of traffic, book with us today.

Underwater World With Corals And Tropical Fish

The World’s Best Holiday Destination

Here at Wanggulay we received an amazing email at the end of June.

CNN in America was reporting that the Great Barrier Reef topped their travel destination list for 2016-2017! Can you believe that our heritage listed Reef beat the top travel destinations of Bora Bora, the British Virgin Islands, Cairo, Rome and Paris?

The Great Barrier Reef stretches an amazing 2,300 km along the Queensland coastline, and is so big, it can be seen from space. Can’t quite comprehend how big that actually is? To give some contents, the Reef covered roughly the same area as Italy, Japan, Germany or Malaysia. In that 2,300km span of coastline, it is home to 3000 coral reefs, 600 continental islands, 1625 different species of fish, 133 varieties of sharks and rays, and 600 types of soft and hard corals.

All of this combines to make the Barrier Reef a pretty awesome holiday destination. We think it’s time you came and stayed with us here at Wanggulay and experience just a small part of the Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef has been the subject of quite a few documentaries over the years, with one of the most recent being Sir David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef series. There’s no doubt this series, which showed off the reef in ways you’ll never see from land, has added to the popularity of this holiday destination.

If you haven’t visited the Great Barrier Reef before (and if you have, you’ll likely enjoy this even more), David Attenborough’s team put together a really great interactive website with some amazing footage from the documentary. You can check it out here.


Photo: Tourism Australia (left), ABC Australia (right)

If that interactive video has whet your appetite for a trip to the Great Barrier Reef, book your holiday in at Wanggulay. We can then get you booked on-board the range of Quicksilver tours, so you can get out on the reef and snorkel, dive, visit the underwater observatory or experience the reef like David Attenborough in a semi-submersible coral reef viewing tour.

There’s no doubting that the Great Barrier Reef is a top holiday destination for many people, so why not make it yours?

Our Favourite Places to Spend a Day

Living and working in Cairns, we all have our favourite places to escape to for the day. We love living in this tropical wonderland, and with so many places to visit up here, we thought we’d outline some of our favourite places to spend the day.


The Skyrail is an absolute must do when it comes to visiting Cairns – in fact, a visit to Cairns isn’t complete without a ride on the Skyrail. A great day out for the whole family, you’ll get to experience our lovely rainforests from a completely different perspective. The Skyrail provides for some great photo opportunities and is something you won’t forget.

If a trip on the Skyrail is on your to-do list while visiting us here at Wanggulay, why not drop your bags in early, and head on the Skyrail while we get the property ready for you.

Behana Gorge Waterfalls

A 45 minute hike up the mountain of Behana Gorge Road will see you arriving at the spectacular Behana Gorge waterfalls. This place is truly magical and we all love escaping here, whether it be on a hot summer day or just to get away from it all.

Behana Gorge is a great place for some wildlife spotting – we spot goannas quite often on our regular walks up the gorge. This is a great spot to make a day of – do the 45 minute hike up the mountain, take a swim in the cool refreshing waters at any of the swimming holes and sit down for lunch with your feet dangling in the water.

Of course, the walk back down is much easier but as long as you have a moderate fitness level, you can’t beat this local wonder.

Wildlife Dome

When you are visiting Cairns with a young family, you really can’t go past a day at the Wildlife Dome. With over 400 animals to spot, you and your children will love a day out. The Dome has a large range of animals including birds, reptiles and frogs and you can expect to see some animals you normally wouldn’t get a glimpse of.

There’s also a whole range of shows to keep the kids entertained, and like many of our other young guests, they’ll come back here to Wanggulay asking their parents when they can visit the Dome again.

Island Cruises

There are so many island cruises departing from Cairns that it is hard to choose just one that all of us here at Wanggulay love. Fitzroy Island and Green Island are popular choices amongst many of our Wanggulay guests, and we hear so many of them talking about booking another trip when they come up next.

The islands are an amazing part of living in Cairns, and whether you just stay on the boat or get out there for a dive or snorkel, you’ll love the amazing colours and scenery that the northern Barrier Reef islands have to offer.

For more hints and tips on places that we love to visit, just ask us. We love sharing our region and we’ll be sure to recommend something suitable for your entire travel group.