Cairns luxury accommodation near Daintree Forest

Cairns Luxury Accommodation Near Daintree Forest

Cairns luxury accommodation near Daintree Forest may be hard to find given the remoteness of the quaint village. Once there, you could find little to do that you will not also find in Cairns. Many holidaymakers visiting Daintree prefer to stay centrally in Cairns. This is on account of the multitude of other attractions.  Our Cairns luxury accommodation near Daintree Forest 125 kilometres away is ideal. Because you have everything so conveniently nearby.

The Daintree Tropical Seasonal Forest to give it its full name, extends over 1,200 square kilometres from high mountains.  It passes through the coastal strip at lower altitudes and finally becomes a mangrove with feet in the Coral Sea. The forest has a rich blessing of bats, butterflies, frogs, reptiles, and marsupials. It also hosts over 12,000 species of insects in ever shape and colour imaginable.

Cairns Luxury Accommodation Near Daintree Forest

Daintree Forest Looking Down Towards the River and the Ocean: IK’s World Trip: CC 2.0

Heaven a Short Drive from Our Cairns Luxury Accommodation near Daintree Forest

The tropical diversity of this unique place surpasses anything else in Australia. The structural complexity of the plants is amazing. Some life forms reflect the Jurassic origins of common flora. The dry and arid region around Ayers rock 2,500 kilometres to the east as the kangaroo hops, was once similar. Today, the Daintree Forest is one of the last refuges of primitive plants growing there for some 110 million years.

One species in particular is most remarkable and arguably Australia’s finest botanical discovery. With typical Australian understatement we call the Ribbonwood idiospermum Tree the “Idiot Fruit” which it most definitely is not. In fact, it forms one of the earliest branches from the world’s first flowering plants.

The trees grow up to 30 metres tall. producing these 5-centimetre-wide remarkable flowers with the petals in a spiral. The ‘fruit’ escapes all normal definitions. After the petals fall off it releases an 8-centimetre-diameter naked plant embryo ready to fall and take root immediately. The embryo is toxic and produces strychnine-like symptoms in cattle. Please be careful if you handle it.

Cairns luxury accommodation near Daintree Forest

The Idiot Fruit idiospermum australiense: CSIRO: CC 3.0

Exciting, Action-Filled Things to Do at Daintree Forest

There are so many exciting things to do when away from our Cairns luxury accommodation near Daintree Forest. It’s hard to know where to start but we’ll give it whirl. First, they have a fantastic discovery centre where you can orient yourself. Then you can follow aerial walkways to viewing platforms for a general view.

A riverboat cruise spotting saltwater crocodiles is another great way to experience Daintree. Cruises vary from one hour to half a day and you will see the most amazing wildlife that’s almost close enough to touch. This is a truly relaxing way to travel through the forest. If you want, you can follow the river through lowland until you reach the point where river, forest, and ocean merge.

Cairns Luxury Accommodation near Daintree Forest

Where River, Forest, and Ocean Merge: Rob and Stephanie Levy: CC 2.0

Exploring Mossman Gorge in the Company of an Aboriginal Owner

Mossman Gorge is one of the loveliest spots in North Queensland, and within an hour’s drive of our Cairns luxury accommodation near Daintree Forest. The easily accessible gorge lies within the ancient homeland of the indigenous  Kuku Yalanji People who lived quite densely here in semi-permanent huts. This was because their survival depended on exploiting the seasons, and traveling to where the food was. They believed there were spirits living in features of the landscape.

The Mossman Gorge, and all of Queensland is alive with birds. In fact, ‘Wanggulay’ means a cockatoo in the North Queensland Tjapukai language.  The gorge is in the most scenic area of the National Park, where the river tumbles around and over giant granite boulders, creating tinkling waterfalls and rapids. And some of the most delightful freshwater swimming holes you may ever see.

Freshwater Swimming Holes in Mossman Gorge: Dion Gillard: CC 2.0

Do You Fancy Surfing the Forest Overhead on a Zipline?

Well you could, and that’s not the only adrenaline rush available in this serene space with something for everybody. You may fly ‘free as a bird’ above, beneath, and through forest giants, or you can relax and just let it happen. They have two exciting options. One is a daytime glide of discovery where you may get high on exhilaration. The second is a nighttime moonlit walk with owls, bandicoots, and perhaps the spirits of Jurassic dragons watching you curiously from the shadows. As they have since time immemorial.

Surfing Daintree Forest on a Zipline: J Triefen: CC 2.0


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