cairns best holiday accommodation

Cairns Best Holiday Accommodation: What Draws Visitors Here

Cairns is a modern, vibrant city with facilities to match any national capital. Moreover we are young and casual, and we have a ‘shirtsleeve, swim anytime’ climate that could drive most other Australian cities insane with jealousy. We thought it would be interesting to share visitor demographics, and why they rate Cairns best holiday accommodation in North Queensland. Because these visitors’ expectations compare well with our Wanggulay holiday rentals.

We have two Bali-style holiday units both easily accommodating 12 people each. Plus a few extra spaces for kids to nap on couches, or on decks under star-studded moonlight. Our holiday homes are on the western inland city edge, where a heritage rain forest prevents further urban creep. When we walk to the bottom of the garden we enter nature at its best, with streams and waterfalls a few dozen footsteps away. We would love to share all this with you. Moreover we assure you utmost privacy.

cairns best holiday accommodation

Bottom of Our Wanggulay Garden: Booking.Com

The Visitors to Cairns Most Likely to Stay at Wanggulay

Around 68% of Cairns visitors are likely to dine out at a wide spread of different restaurants according to Tourism and Events Queensland. Around 42% of these are aged 35 to 54. Approximately 32% are adult couples, with family groups making up another 25%. Singles take up 17%. We think this eclectic mix speaks wonders for our all-embracing, welcoming culture.

The next most popular pastime is shopping for pleasure. Some 41% of Cairns visitors report taking shopping therapy treatments at our modern shopping malls, inspiring boutique stores, and exciting souvenir shops. While 40% report spending time at one of our lovely beaches. We decided to find out how else they spent their time while staying in our Cairns best holiday accommodation. Unsurprisingly, 36% take to the road and explore the delightful villages nearby. or participate in their favourite water sport.

cairns best holiday accommodation

White River Rafting Near Cairns: Gary Bembridge: CC 2.0

Far More Than Cairns Best Holiday Accommodation to Enjoy

Not every Cairns visitor lazes in the sun all day long on gorgeous beaches, or explores the kaleidoscopic wonders of our Great Barrier Reef. Only 68% come here to holiday in Cairns best holiday accommodation. More than 10% are here on business attracted by our vibrant local economy. While 21% are staying with friends and relatives, the rest prefer not to give a reason. We know a few come here for the all-over golden sun tan they can’t easily acquire in a cooler climate.

The preferred mode of travel is easier to explain. Since Cairns lies in a remote part of Australia, some 61% of visitors arrive at our modern international airport. The lucky few sail in in cruise ships while almost all the rest drive here along one of Australia’s highways. Some 2% arrive by train. This is a great way to see the countryside, especially if descending down the steep escarpment from Kuranda in a historic train.

cairns best holiday accommodation

Cairns Airport International Terminal: Kgbo: CC 4.0

What Does the Average Cairns Holiday Cost?

The total annual spend is $1,907 million annually. It is difficult to break this down further, because the information we have is global and not all visitors are holidaymakers.  We do know that 39% of the total stay in hotels, motels, resorts, or motor inns with 16% preferring a rented house, apartment, flat or unit. Just 4% stay over in caravan parks or commercial camping grounds. Finally, 8% stay in serviced apartments, and 23% with relatives or friends.

Our Wanggulay holiday rental homes combine the finest of Cairns best holiday accommodation. For we are a blend of comfortable home-from-home, and an upmarket resort. Being on the edge of a rain forest with access to a river adds that closeness to nature that caravanners and campers adore. Finally, if you desire it, we can arrange for fully-serviced accommodation. We spared no expense in equipping our Wanggulay just for you. We have some of Cairns best holiday accommodation. Come and see, come and stay. Keep coming back again.

cairns best holiday accommodation

Pet Friendly Wanggulay


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