butterfly lovers accommodation in Cairns

Butterfly Lovers Accommodation near Cairns a Heartbeat Away

The Wet Tropics of Queensland are a World Heritage Site of which the Cairns rain forest forms part. Moreover they have the highest concentration of primitive flowering plants in the world.  These remarkable Jurassic creatures open their petals to a variety of gorgeous butterflies in the nearby natural paradise of Daintree. Why not stop by at the Cairns Botanic Gardens for a small taste of what is waiting. You could do this when traveling to our butterfly lovers accommodation near Cairns from the harbour or the airport.

The Cairns Botanic Gardens are in the heartland of our city. They give open access to the Flacker and Heritage Gardens,  The Conservatory, and the Fresh and Saltwater Lakes. These attract a wide variety of butterflies including the Ulysses Butterfly papilio ulysses in magnificent blue finery. And the Cairns Birdwing ornithoptera euphorion with a wingspan of over sixteen centimeters sporting emerald green streaks over purple. Butterflies play such an essential part in sustaining the beauty of our rain forest environment. This despite their short life as they flutter by on their way.

Butterfly Lovers Accommodation in Cairns

Cairns Birdwing Butterfly (ornithoptera euphorion): Bernard Spragg BY Public Domain

Welcome to Our Gorgeous Butterfly Lovers Accommodation Near Cairns

We created our butterfly lovers accommodation near Cairns for people like you. Because we welcome people who appreciate the pristine environment in which we live but never quite possess. We have two units on separate allotments. They have paths leading through old forests past waterfalls to the Barron River. Thus these are both perfectly private spaces ideal for families with perhaps a few guests. Our romantic couples just love them. Some even return to celebrate their weddings and honeymoons here.

I traveled frequently to Indonesia when I was an airline pilot. At the time, my partner and I fell in love with Bali. We especially adored the Balinese cuisine, visual arts, and homes that integrated so seamlessly with the fresh breezes drifting in. If you notice a similarity with the architecture at Wanggulay this is no coincidence. First, we decorated our 5 Star luxury accommodation rentals near Cairns for butterfly lovers. Then secondly we added exotic souvenirs we collected personally for our guests’ exclusive pleasure.


Open Plan Luxury Day Room in Cairns, North Queensland

Small Miracles You May Witness at Our Butterfly Lovers Accommodation Near Cairns

There are hundreds of different butterflies in the North Queensland region, but we only have time to describe a few today. The Red Lacewing cethosia cydippe is one of our all time favourites because of its black-tipped scarlet wings. And these have gorgeous orange undersides decorated with lines of dark spots. By contrast, the Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly papilio aegeus may not be as bright and colourful, but the males do have a 140mm wingspan creating a dramatic display in flight. Although this female only has a 120mm wingspan we chose her for our picture. Because we think she is a beautiful lady. Do you agree?


Butterfly Lovers Accommodation near Cairns

Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly papilio aegeus: Graham Winterflood BY CC 2.0

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is a Short, Pleasant Trip Away

We built our butterfly lovers accommodation near Cairns so our guests would be in easy reach of the waterfront, the great barrier reef, and the historic pioneering town of Kuranda that hosts the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary. This is the biggest of its kind in the southern hemisphere with more than 2,000 lovely creatures to see.

Kuranda has great restaurants and gift shops, walks through nature, a bird world and koala garden and riverboat cruises too. And you can get there by skyrail or vintage train in less time than you might think. The choice of technology is yours. We recommend catching the train up the steep ascent to the Atherton Table Land, and then following the river back down to our luxury accommodation in an aerial gondola.


butterfly lovers accommodation near Cairns

Barron Falls Viewed from Skyrail Gondola: Neal Jennings: CC 2.0

A Pleasant Day at the Butterfly Sanctuary in the Heart of Kuranda

The Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is fairly unique as it breeds its own stock of native butterflies on the premises. It releases around 24,000 pupae every year, ensuring plenty of activity every time you visit. The zoo is open from 9:45 am daily to 4:pm but stays closed on Christmas Day.

The gift shop is brimming over with books, clothing, and souvenirs. It does not serve refreshments, but there are loads of independent eateries a few minutes walking away. Kuranda will have something you like that suits your tastes and wallet.

The are loads of fun things to do, ranging from disclosing butterfly legends and myths, through scientific education to admiring the main aviaries. You could learn what plant species to grow to attract your own butterflies. So all-in-all the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary is a must-visit place to view Australian butterflies in their natural environment, while holidaying in our butterfly lovers accommodation near Cairns, Port Douglas,and Daintree Forest where we visit next.

butterfly lovers accommodation near Cairns

Australian Butterfly Sanctuary: Michael Zimmer: CC 2.0

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