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Cairns became a magnet for leaders wanting to combine business with the best in premium class flying, and plush accommodation when executive travel took off in the 1990’s. We built Wanggulay especially for those who like to work hard and play hard. We have all competitive sports locally. We also have wonderful things for spouses to do when their partners are meeting. This makes our luxury 5 Star accommodation for executive retreats in Cairns extra special.

We do business teams exceptionally well. We have nine double bedrooms between our two luxury executive hideaways near each other in the rainforest. We can accommodate up to fourteen people in meetings. These can be in generous day rooms or outside on a deck with exceptionally private forest views. If you want to break away in teams, we have trails through forests to waterfalls. Can you think of any more creative space than that?

The Ultimate Management Hideout for Hard Work and Play

Our two family homes are a short drive away from central Cairns, where the city has built conference hubs if you have more that fourteen participants, or are planning a media briefing after you have completed your strategic planning for the year ahead. We have high-speed internet. We can lay on secretarial services. Nothing is too much trouble. We are flexible. We make it happen.

Being set as a diamond among wonderful attractions makes Cairns alive with first class restaurants and boutique shops. Our downtown area is compact enough to walk. Before we forget, you will not need much formal clothing. Open neck shirts, shorts, and thongs are the ‘official uniform’.

This sets Cairns and Wanggulay aside from all the other executive retreats. When we stumbled on two plots we built on where city and rainforest meet, we decided to create executive accommodation that would help teams escape their boxes, and discover new, creative ways of doing better things together.

Great Things Our Executives Do When Their Work is Complete

We encourage our guests to stay longer, or build their schedule around a leisure weekend. That way, they can share unbelievable adventures like skydiving over the Great Barrier Reef, or swimming through the warm water among nature’s many colourful treasures. If you prefer your leisure breaks easy over, how about a sailboat picnic on a ‘desert’ island, or a retro train ride up the Cairns Tableland.

After passing dramatic waterfalls, the hippy-cum-chic Kuranda village awaits you with her many charms. What will it be today? Shopping therapy followed by lunchtime dining, a stroll exploring butterflies and koala bears, or out gazing crocodiles which is a rare experience.

If you expect to be over busy for that, no worries wait until the evening. Cairns is relatively small,but we do have holiday makers all year round meaning the place is always buzzing, especially after dark. The main entertainment strip is along Spence Street off the esplanade. The area is a backpacker paradise so this is the place to go for action.

There are peaceful pockets of restaurants and bars with live music if you want to hear your own conversation, and perhaps review the day’s progress. We have the best places nailed down. Tells us what you want. We provide advice, hot tips and directions how to get there.

On a sunny afternoon or evening there are few better places to gather apart from Cairns Waterfront, where small craft come and go to and from the Coral Sea all day long. If you want to meet clients for drinks and snacks then the Pier Bar is a fabulous place for light meals with wonderful water views.


Experience Two Luxury Houses on the Edge of Tropical Rainforest

Living in our executive Cairns retreats is an awesome experience. We have combined luxury bali-style accommodation with a stop over on the edge of Queensland’s rainforest, and with open access to the Barron River and its many peaceful natural attractions.

Our generous Wanggulay Bali lodge blends into the environment with a cathedral-ceilinged upper day room that is an architect’s masterpiece. The corporate styling is a fusion of exotic Balinese furniture, glowing timbers, genuine Persian rugs, and handsome statues. What makes it extra special is the generous balcony that is so private, yet has uninterrupted views of woodland.

This is the ultimate location for an executive breakfast. This is where directors and colleagues meet after a refreshingly deep sleep, enjoy morning juice or coffee, and discuss plans for the day. We can lay on one of Cairn’s best caterers. All you need do is place your order the day before, and enjoy the aroma of breakfast cooking in our 5 Star kitchen with every modern convenience.


The senior manager’s bedroom opens out onto the deck with private facilities and a spa bath. There is a second, fully equipped double bedroom with bathroom down the passage. The gourmet kitchen with French doors to the viewing deck is right around the corner. If someone fancies a late-night snack or nightcap before retiring,the kitchen is waiting.

We have two further double luxury bedrooms in our accommodation for exclusive business planning sessions,near Port Douglas, Cairns, and our golden coastline. As you might expect the bathroom is the epitome of luxury. We have found this split-level arrangement works perfectly for teams from different companies discussing mergers and collaboration.

Your spouse will revel in the freedom that staying in Wanggulay brings. We have an award-winning infinity pool for the perfect suntan in the garden, and a handy barbeque to tempt you down at lunchtime. With a pleasant day’s work over may we invite you to follow our private path down to a sundowner deck at the riverside? There is only one problem amidst all this magnificence. You may never want to leave.

Wanggulay Bali had high occupancy rates right from the beginning, especially after it featured in media reviews and top-end magazines. We took the gap and built a second, slightly larger executive retreat we call Wanggulay Too. The two are so close that we can spread larger groups across both.

The second of our executive retreats retains the balinese-style architecture so attractive to senior managers requiring luxury 5 Star accommodation near Cairns. A generous living room with vaulted ceiling showcases the upper level. The spacious view deck opens onto twittering bird calls and gentle river sounds.

A separate gourmet kitchen completes the picture with additional designer features. It is more than capable of accommodating the expectations of four couples in double bedrooms and one has private facilities.

We added an executive suite on the level below for the top dog in the team. Here, a master bedroom with luxury facilities opens to a private deck where the only company is nature. This is a place for a senior executive so sit and ponder, to develop their personal vision for their company, and strategize how to implement it with the assistance of their team.

There is simply no a better place for business get together’s near Cairns and Port Douglas than Wanggulay, where business teams grow close and find ways to get creative ideas to market.

Stay a Little Longer: The Team Deserves a Break!

Executive burnout is for real. Robert Frost, who wrote ‘The Road not Taken’ said the brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office. We work best when we ring-fence hard work between leisure moments. If you could stay a little longer when your work is over, we could share quality time together introducing you to the real Cairns.

To tempt you just a little here is a Free Travel Guide to Cairns. We wrote it ourselves based on our own experience and it is quite unique. Take a virtual hike through our dramatic scenery, scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef, scramble up to dramatic waterfalls, chill all day long at the leisurely Cairns Waterfront, or picnic on a beach where your only company is seagulls. Your team deserve that break. Click here to make the reservation.

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