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Cairns Aboriginal Attractions and Cultural Tours

‘Aboriginal’ means ‘from the beginning’  in deference to Australia’s original inhabitants. It has its roots in the two Latin words ‘ab’ meaning from, and ‘originem’ for conception. Thus we could call the oldest rocks on earth aboriginal too if we knew where they were. Humans have always been curious about their ancestry. Perhaps we inherited […]

Strike Gold on Your Luxury Cairns Holiday

Cairns and gold dust went hand-in-hand in early pioneering days. In fact Cairns might not be here at all without the precious metal. Prospectors found rich seams that kick started development. You could strike gold on your luxury Cairns holiday too with a bit of luck, although this may just be a  trace because the […]

Cairns Fun for Kids That’s Incredibly Cool

Cairns is truly an amazing place for family holidays. Today we want to concentrate of fantastic fun for young teens. We plan to introduce you to six day-out adventures we know well. We have lined up 6 activities that have a bit of everything, including amazing experiences in nature. Please remember to dress casually according […]

Battle of the Coral Sea Memorials in Cairns

Few Australians are aware how close their country came to invasion in May, 1942 because of the passage of time. The Japanese Navy had Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea firmly in their sights. Besides, this was a mere 1,800 kilometres (1,100 miles) away from our naval base at Darwin across the Arafura Sea, so […]

What to Wear on Holiday in Cairns

Cairns has an idyllic position on the east coast of the Cape York Peninsula, where it nestles between the Coral Sea and the Great Dividing Range. We have good rains pouring down accordingly, from November through to May. Thereafter, we have a relatively dry period from June to October with occasional showers. These are our […]

Cairns Salt Water Crocodiles – To Treat with Respect

We have the largest of all living reptiles in North Queensland. These ‘saltie’ Indo-Pacific monsters measure up to 6 meters (20 feet), and originally arrived in our estuaries from the open ocean. Since then, they have settled into our mangrove swamps, deltas, estuaries, lagoons, and the lower stretches of our rivers. Salt water crocodiles are […]

10 Awesome Cairns Things to Do When Visiting

So you are visiting Cairns soon? Well that’s good news, for we have things to see and do all year round. Our 10 awesome Cairns things to do focus on our natural environment and places of exceptional beauty. However this does not include the likes of posh country houses and fancy restaurants. Although we do […]

Who’ll Come A Waltzing Matilda With Me?

We have three patriotic songs in Australia we like to sing. First, in moments of colonial fervour we may sing God Save the Queen. Then our official national anthem is Advance Australia Fair which is a tad ‘dull and unappealing to most Australian people’. And thirdly there’s  our national bush ballad, Who’ll Come A Waltzing […]

Curious Mammals of Far North Queensland

The wet tropics of extreme northeast Australia extend 450 kilometres (280 miles) along the coast. Rain forests watered by seasonal monsoons  maintain a moist environment where curious mammals of Far North Queensland roam. UNESCO lists the region as ‘an area possessing outstanding scenic features, natural beauty, and magnificent sweeping landscapes’. It praises ‘an exceptionally high […]