Port Douglas beach and ocean on sunny day, Queensland, Australia

An Amazing Drive along the Shoreline of the Coral Sea from our 5 Star Luxury Accommodation near Cairns

The wonderful drives up and down the coast, and inland through glorious countryside are two of the fabulous things about staying at our luxury rainforest retreat Wanggulay. Today we depart from Cairns and head north to Port Douglas an hour and a quarter – or seventy kilometres away along the superbly engineered Captain Cook Highway.

The hour and a quarter is assuming you drive non-stop, which you won’t because of fabulous coves to swim in, and great boutique shops and restaurants in villages with fairy tale names like Kuruanda, Palm Cove, and Craiglie.  Make a point of taking an hour out to appreciate a plate of local seafood. My all-time favourite is beer-battered saltwater barramundi with caper mayonnaise and straw chips, but there is more to choose from.

Port Douglas Looking South

The Coral Sea is four times as large by square meters as the entire United Kingdom, and stretches between New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, and Queensland as far south as Brisbane. It is well on the way to joining Australia’s exclusive club of Australian bioregions. Luxury resorts are springing up, but none boasts the laid-back luxury of 5 star accommodation in a pristine rainforest at Wangullay.

The peaceful waters have been the site of two remarkable events in history. On 11 June, 1768 Captain Cook discovered the Great Barrier Reef, or should I say collided with it, after which he had to carry out repairs for seven weeks near the docks at modern Cooktown. The Battle of the Coral Sea in May 1942 sent 13 ships and 161 aircraft to the bottom of the ocean. Some are in remarkably good condition for perhaps the ultimate scuba experience.

Colourful Corals Reaching for the Sunlight

Scuba diving exploring coral reef underwater sea ocean

A trip from Port Douglas to dive or snorkel on the amazing Great Barrier Coral Reef is an absolute must-have, even if you came to Wanggulay to retreat into the rainforest and share our remarkable ecosystem. You will have the choice of the Quicksilver Supersonic fast Catamaran and the more luxurious Quicksilver Poseidon. Both offer a great experience. Speak to us for advice. We can help you book ahead to secure your seat.

You will be so pleased you stayed at Wanggulay after an exciting day out on the ocean.We are a luxury rainforest retreat where nothing is too much trouble and we even do the shopping. We offer 5 star luxury accommodation near all the legendary Cairns attractions. Please contact us if you require more information. Have extra batteries for your camera handy because you are going to need them.

Wanggulay, Cairns, Edge of Paradise

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