Kuranda Train

A Ride Through the Rainforest

You might have seen our last blog where we spoke of the Skyrail that starts not far from us here at Wanggulay. The opportunity to literally glide through the rainforest from station to station, ending in the forest village of Kuranda is an amazing experience.

This time though, we want to let you in on another little day trip which will take you into the rainforest and give you another opportunity to see the area in a way you normally wouldn’t.

We’re talking about the Kuranda Scenic Railway.

The Kuranda Scenic Railway overlooking Barron Gorge National Park in tropical Queensland, Australia.

The Kuranda Scenic Railway overlooking Barron Gorge National Park in tropical Queensland, Australia.

This great trip takes about 2 hours each way starting at Cairns, winding its way through Freshwater Station, Barron Falls station and then through to Kuranda.

The train leaves from Cairns Station, located right in the middle of the city, with two departure times each day. The train winds its way from Cairns through to Freshwater where you can jump off and take a self-drive or coach to Smithfield Terminal to catch the Skyrail.

The Freshwater Station is a popular starting point for your trip on the Kuranda Scenic Railway, with the opportunity to enjoy breakfast prior to the trip in an authentic railway carriage. There is also a museum, theatrette and pioneer cottage to take a look at while waiting to depart.

From Freshwater, it’s time to gently travel up the mountain through some spectacular scenery – along the Barron Gorge, North Peak, Red Bluff, Stony Creek Falls and more. There are some great photo opportunities along the way and in many places you can almost touch the treetops as you glide along. This is one of our favourite parts of the trip – you can sit back and just take in the breathtaking scenery of the rainforest, waterfalls and gorge.

There is a 10-minute stop at Barron Gorge station which gives you enough time to take a walk over to the lookout to see Barron Falls. After this, it’s the final leg of the trip up to Kuranda.

You’ll have approximately 3.5 hours to discover the village of Kuranda including restaurants, cafes, gift stores, tourist attractions and so much more.

There are of course some tips if you are planning on a day out on the Kuranda Scenic Railway. Comfortable walking shoes are a must so you can spend as much time exploring Kuranda village as possible. There is so much to see you don’t want to be spending the day walking in uncomfortable shoes. Also remember to bring your camera for great photo opportunities. If you are planning on heading off on a rainforest walk from Kuranda, bring along some water and insect repellent, and don’t forget the motion sickness tablets if you get travel sick.

You can take prams/strollers and wheelchairs/mobility scooters on the Kuranda Scenic Railway, which means it’s a great option for a family day out.

 is another favourite amongst our guests and with a range of travel options, plus the ability to choose from a range of travel packages, we really recommend you add this one to your travel itinerary when staying with us here at Wanggulay.

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