Cairns Regional Gallery Exotic Landscapes

A Luxury Rainforest Retreat in Reach of Everything

People often call to ask me what really singles us out. I thought I would touch on the key aspect today. What makes us unique is our luxury Cairns accommodation is fully self-contained on the edge of pristine wilderness. Yet at the same time, Cairns is only a short drive away from fabulous things to see, and wonderful things to do for the whole family.

The range of music and art available in Cairns sometimes surprises overseas visitors. It’s our own fault really. Perhaps it is time we stopped pretending we are such a rough and ready lot. Our choral society has been entertaining us since the early 19th Century, and we have soul music in pubs after dark.

Our regional gallery has vibrant original aboriginal and modern art on show. There is a great gallery shop perfect for creative gifts inspired by the main collection and the North Queensland theme. Speaking of value for money, we have a special running this month.

If you move quickly, we have dropped our rates for Wanggulay Bali and Wanggulay Too by $100 a day, but just for this September. Here is your reservation form ready and waiting. Do not delay. See you soon.

If you prefer stronger adrenalin rushes there are exhilarating Cairns attractions waiting for you not far from Wanggulay Bali and Wanggulay Too. The $100 you could save daily this month will subsidise your trip to the Great Barrier Reef, or you could spend it on a great meal out.

We are constantly striving to deliver the ultimate rainforest holiday. We would really love it if you stayed with us in our luxury Cairns rainforest retreat. Click here for great family holiday ideas.

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