5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas and Its Attractions

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas and Its Attractions

Port Douglas and Cairns are two coastal holiday resorts on the North Queensland coast of subtropical Australia. They are complimentary, not twins though. Cairns is tops for 5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas attractions include World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef and Daintree National Park.

If you prefer the best of both worlds, then Cairns is the best option for your accommodation. It offers a myriad of other attractions that make your visit to our part of this world even more worthwhile. We placed our Wanggulay lodges north of Cairns Airport and the city. So the traveling time to Port Douglas is a comfortable one hour, with super stops along the way like Thala Beach.

The 5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas

Thala Beach: Dan Dickinson: CC 2.0

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas 1 Hour Away

Between them, Cairns and Port Douglas are ideal for visiting nature’s untamed beauty spots. You will find it hard not to fall in love with North Queensland’s Daintree Forest National Park. It has an amazing concentration of animal and plant species found nowhere else on the planet. This is about the closest we can get to the ancient super continent of Gondwanaland. It is like being in Jurassic Park without the dinosaurs!

We built our luxury holiday rentals north of Cairns on the way to Port Douglas and its glorious attractions, to provide perfect holidays without the need to share facilities with strangers, or drive around looking for parking spaces. Our private garden blends into a lovely rain forest with waterfalls and streams, and a river nearby. We will not say this is exactly like living in Gondwanaland, but you may agree our Wanggulay holiday stays are more than a little like living in paradise.

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas

Best Months to Visit Daintree Park

With our 5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas and Daintree are not far away. Folk often ask about the climate and the best time to visit. Being in the North Queensland tropics means monsoons arrive between November to March turning rivers into cataracts and waterfalls into torrents. Fallen trees and landslides can play havoc with your schedules. This is not a perfect time to visit Daintree Forest National Park.

The drier Daintree winter is far more pleasant, with tranquil pools and tinkling waterfalls. There are two ways to avoid the crowds at that time. Stay in our luxurious holiday home outside of school holidays if you can. If this does not suit, pack a picnic brunch, and head into North Queensland’s Daintree Forest National Park as early in the morning as you can. Surely, the generosity of nature will reward you with some of Australia’s finest beauty spots.

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas

Daintree Rainforest Scene: Diliff: CC 2.5

Cape Tribulation, Where Reef & Rainforest Meet

Captain Cook was understandably in a bad mood when he ‘discovered’ the Great Barrier Reef by becoming shipwrecked on it. In fact, his little ship the Endeavour almost sank, delaying news getting back to Europe about his greatest discovery, Australia. Had he been more positive we could have had something like Cape Delight, which is more like the truth.

Cape Tribulation is 45 minutes north of Port Douglas on a good sealed road, making driving there a real pleasure. As you wish, you could also join a tour and take a cable ferry to the lower reaches of the forest. Beyond that, you would need a reliable 4×4 to discover more lovely beaches, and ancient rainforest ferns standing beside dirt tracks.

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas

Cape Tribulation: Kyle Taylor: CC 2.0

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas Can’t Compete

Port Douglas is a great little place to stay for a short while when on holiday. However, it does not offer the multitude of attractions at Cairns. Besides, Great Barrier Reef, Cape Tribulation, and Daintree are all within easy reach of Wanggulay, and when you have seen them there is so much more to enjoy down here.

It is no wonder that cruise ships drop anchor at Cairns, or that we have the only international airport in North Queensland. People flock here to take the train or cable car up to the Atherton Tableland where there is simply so much more to see. Besides, where could you stay in Port Douglas that could possibly hope to compete with the exclusively private luxury of Wanggulay? Therefore case closed we believe. Would you like more information?

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas

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