5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas is Nearby

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas can be difficult to find, especially in season when holidaymakers pack the place. Cairns  provides a satisfying alternative when it comes to quality and value an hour away on the Pacific Highway. Your holiday is even better when you stay in our rain forest retreat. We are within easy distance of the Cairns and Port Douglas waterfronts. Accordingly, we give you the best of both worlds every day you stay with us.

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas

Small Beach Port Douglas: Michael Coghlan: CC 2.0

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas and Great Barrier Reef

Easy access to the Great Barrier Reef is of the best things about Port Douglas, with Cairns down the road. There is so much to discover out there on the peaceful ocean. You could do four cruises and you still would not see it all. The outer reef tour is one of our favourites with Quicksilver Cruises. Agincourt Reef will be another of the best experiences you will ever have. Trust us there are more than a few good ones out there. Nature’s pristine beauty is everywhere you look.

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas

Satellite Image of Great Barrier Reef: NASA: Public Domain

We Have Amazing Opportunities to Dive and Snorkel

There are many wonderful ways to reach the Great Barrier Reef. You can catch a luxury catamaran, high-speed cruiser, or a yacht. When you get there, your options include diving, snorkeling, and helmet diving. You could also spend the day in a glass bottom boat listening to the calls of whales. You could even while the time away sipping a gin and tonic while watching the kids burn off their energy. Later, you will appreciate the rare quality of your 5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas provides in nearby Cairns.

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas

A Super Bedroom at Wanggulay with Treetop Views

You will dream of the liquid pleasure of diving and snorkeling as you enjoy a most amazing sleep that night. Did you hear about Quicksilver’s incredible semi-submersible. It is a great way to relax after a delicious alfresco lunch on gentle ocean waves as soothing as a lukewarm bath. We have been out on Agincourt Reef with Quicksilver a few times ourselves.

No Wonder the Great Barrier Reef is a Global Magnet

One of the most amazing experiences we had was helmet diving without the heavy suit. Yes, it sounds odd, but this is one of those experiences you must have.  You can have a diving experience breathing fresh air from the surface without needing all the equipment. There is another great aspect to heading out with Quicksilver to the Agincourt Reef.

They have an underwater observatory on the platform. This lets the whole family experience life on the reef without getting wet. It’s a great place for children. The variety of fish and sea life swimming around will amaze them. What an opportunity to tell the kids back at school.

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas Can’t Match

Why stay in an overgrown village when you can base yourself in Cairns a short drive away with so many attractions? Here is a great Cairns Guide we put together and its yours absolutely free. There are two things you must do on a holiday in North Queensland, Australia. First, you must have a day out on the Great Barrier Reef we can schedule if you like.

Second, you must book our comfy accommodation at Wanggulay to ‘come home to’. Our guests tell us there is no better combination, especially in Port Douglas. Come and enjoy the 5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas wishes it had in Cairns.

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas

Salt Water Pool Relaxation Area

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