What Lies North of 5 Star Accommodation Cairns

What Lies North of Our 5 Star Accommodation Cairns

Many guests come to our 5 Star Accommodation Cairns to kick their shoes off and relax. After all, we do have two of the finest holiday rentals in North Queensland, with the lush rain forest literally at the bottom of the garden. Others are curious to know what lies north of our 5 Star Accommodation Cairns. We made Wanggulay the perfect ideal home from home, and base from which to explore the hinterland. We are a bit of both types ourselves. Because we believe variety makes for the perfect break.

There’s something special about being on holiday with all our work cares parked. We can head out on an open road with a desire to explore, or a destination in mind.  Not having to stick to a schedule means we are free to explore fascinating side shoots on our journey. Some people arrive with a list of places they’d like to explore. Others just go with the flow and see where the day takes them. Perhaps a trip to Daintree, with a stop at a tropical fruit winery on the way is indicated.

What Lies North of 5 Star Accommodation Cairns

Road to Shannonvale and Cassowary: Bahnfrend: CC 4.0

More Secrets North of Your 5 Star Accommodation Cairns

Contrary to what some visitors  may think when they arrive, Cairns and  Port Douglas  are not the only worthwhile places to see. Are you looking for something different when you visit us here at Wanggulay? If so, a self-drive food and winery tour is a great day out if you are happy to do a bit of driving. When we planned  your food and wine tour we realised there were heaps of options available. Our biggest difficulty was choosing among the local food  producers less than three hour’s drive north of Cairns.

We settled on the route from Cairns to Daintree taking in the Shannonvale Tropical Fruit Winery at Mossman, and seeing what else we could find along the way. This is a pleasant, two-hour-plus journey up the coast, taking in some lovely places along the way. We are going to have to leave by seven the morning, if we want to get back by late afternoon what with all the stops. Because we are going to visit some less traveled places to round off your Wanggulay holiday.

The Road from Cairns to Shannonvale

5 Star Accommodation Cairns

Cairns to Daintree Forest: Roke: CC 3.0

This is a pleasant one hour drive up the coast. We pass by the coastal town of Palm Cove, and banana-shaped Trinity Beach south of Port Douglas. The latter was an important World War 2 staging post for troops preparing for their Pacific island campaign.

Our subtropical environment must have been a real treat for them after wartime tucker. Nowadays we just turn off the road and everything is beautifully laid our before us.

Speaking of which, please don’t expect the normal range of fine Australian wines when you arrive. Because Shannonvale Tropical Fruit Winery just east of Mossman uses local fruit to produce their wines. Their range includes mango,  grape-style jaboticaba, ginger, passion fruit and lime wines.

They also have a selection of excellent ports from mangosteen, orange, black sapote, and chocolate pudding fruit. How’s that for something delightfully different. It’s a great place in a gorgeous setting, and one of our favourite spots for a light lunch on the way back to our 5 Star Accommodation Cairns.

5 Star Accommodation Cairns

Courtesy: Shannonvale Tropical Fruit Winery

Easy Drive from 5 Star Accommodation Cairns

The Mossman Gorge just two kilometres south of Mossman is an amazing place to obtain insight into the beliefs and cultures of Australia’s indigenous people. You could take a tour through the rain forest to learn more about their herbal remedies, or you could follow a walking track along the gorge circuit trail.

The walks are graded from an easy 270 meters to a moderately challenging 2.4 kilometre / 45 minute loop departing from, and returning to Rex Creek Bridge. At one point, there are stunning views across to Manjal Dimbi AKA Mount Demi. The crystal clear waters tumbling down the gorge provide delightful opportunities for swimming in sheltered seclusion. This is one place where you will definitely want to return to discover more.

5 Star Accommodation Cairns

Mossman Gorge: Bahnfrend: CC 4.0

Do You Fancy a Visit to a Chocolate Farm?

Well you could, if you stopped by Sweet Farm just south of the entrance to Daintree Rainforest. They grow two things especially for sweet teeth there. That’s cocoa beans and sugar cane … what a tempting idea! They claim to be the only Australian cocoa farm that admits visitors. And they have a great one-hour tour on offer to get you close to all the action.

This takes in a trip to the visitor centre, and watching movies at a unique outdoor theatre. Then they show off their machinery and take you on a short walk through cocoa fields. After that, it’s time for – wait for it – their Australian chocolate tastings. And you thought our 5 Star accommodation Cairns only linked to cruising the Great Barrier Reef, and diving the waters of the inviting Coral Sea!

5 Star accommodation Cairns

Cocoa Pods and Beans: Lolay: CC 2.0

Visit Daintree When the Rain is Showering Down

If you really want to experience a rain forest heart-to-heart and feel its spirit, then you need to visit it when the rain is showering down. Daintree Rainforest north of Mossman is where we end our journey, and prepare to return to our 5 Star Accommodation Cairns. Rain is only one way to get wet in these parts. We also have delightful spots to swim so pack your swimming costumes and towels.

Daintree Forest stretches from the mountainous hinterland to where it grows down to the edge of the Coral Sea. It is a tropical ecosystem in perfect balance with an abundance of wildlife. There are outstanding coastal trails and forest tracks to explore. Come and see the many ancient families of tree ferns, and 430 species of birds living among tall trees.


5 Star accommodation Cairns

Daintree Rainforest: J Triefen: CC 2.0

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