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Cairns Best Holiday Accommodation: What Draws Visitors Here

Cairns is a modern, vibrant city with facilities to match any national capital. Moreover we are young and casual, and we have a ‘shirtsleeve, swim anytime’ climate that could drive most other Australian cities insane with jealousy. We thought it would be interesting to share visitor demographics, and why they rate Cairns best holiday accommodation […]

far north queensland holiday attractions

Far North Queensland Holiday Attractions

Far North Queensland holiday attractions are so diverse it is not easy to know where to start.  Because the region forms the northernmost part of a state that is larger than many countries. Yet much of it is so historically remote, with many areas of great undeveloped beauty. There is no official boundary to the […]

Nude Beaches in North Queensland? Perhaps …

Visitors to our sunny shore sometimes ask us where our nude beaches in north Queensland are. “Où sont tes plages nudistes,” they ask. “Wo sind deine fkk-strände, var är dina naturiststränder,” and so on. It’s actually a good question. Our answer depends whether a naturist beach has to have official sanction.  Or whether it is […]

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Cairns Luxury Holiday Heritage Sites Worth Seeing

We have to be honest about this. It does sometimes rain on a Cairns luxury holiday. The luscious vegetation surrounding us on the coastal strip is a dead giveaway. The good news is, that when it does there is still lots to see and do without getting a soaking. Here we think about the wonderful […]

Cairns Luxury Family Holidays Best Beaches

Cairns is a natural for family holidays on the coast. We are on Australia’s eastern seaboard between the Coral Sea and the Great Dividing Range. Therefore, this virtually guarantees us a tropical monsoon climate all year round. From November to May, copious rains fill our rivers and our waterfalls come tumbling down. But we can […]

Cairns 5 Star Accommodation

Best Water Fun to Try Near Cairns 5 Star Accommodation

The kids were still fairly young when we found what we were looking for. This was a place to build Cairns 5 Star Accommodation in a luxury holiday rental. As we explored the vacant land together we listened to the sounds of nature, and were excited.  Our children climbed rain forest trees and called down […]

Luxury Cairns Snorkeler Accommodation

Luxury Cairns Snorkeler Accommodation: The Islands off the Coast

Luxury Cairns snorkeler accommodation, what thoughts does that conjure up in your mind? Are you looking for holiday rental space voted one of the best places to stay in North Queensland.  It is no wonder we receive top ratings. First, we offer superbly fitted, discretely separate bungalows sleeping twelve adults each. Secondly, as an added […]

5 Star Cairns Accommodation

Walshs Pyramid 25 Kilometres from 5 Star Cairns Accommodation

Are you an experienced hiker in healthy physical condition. If so, then you may enjoy the four-to-six-hour round trip up and down the 922-metre-high Walshs Pyramid. If not, then we have many other creative suggestions for things to do while visiting North Queensland. And about staying in our luxury 5 Star Cairns Accommodation because we […]

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Fly to Undara Volcanic Tubes and Caves from Luxury Cairns Accommodation

The Undara volcanic tubes are a 300-kilometre ‘camel hike’ away from Cairns on remote dirt roads. But  you can charter a light plane at Cairns International Airport instead, and then cross the outback in little more than an hour. This leaves ample time for explore one of the most spectacular geological wonders in the world. […]

A Tjapukai Night Fire Ball

Tjapukai Cultural Park Minutes from Your Cairns Luxury Holiday Rental

Tjapukai Cultural Park celebrates the culture and achievements of the Djabugay people. Because they were the original inhabitants of our mountains, gorges, streams and forests. And of the Barron River that flows just past our Cairns luxury holiday rental on the final leg of its journey to the Coral Sea. It’s a given history we […]

Cairns luxury accommodation near Daintree Forest

Cairns Luxury Accommodation Near Daintree Forest

Cairns luxury accommodation near Daintree Forest may be hard to find given the remoteness of the quaint village. Once there, you could find little to do that you will not also find in Cairns. Many holidaymakers visiting Daintree prefer to stay centrally in Cairns. This is on account of the multitude of other attractions.  Our […]

butterfly lovers accommodation in Cairns

Butterfly Lovers Accommodation near Cairns a Heartbeat Away

The Wet Tropics of Queensland are a World Heritage Site of which the Cairns rain forest forms part. Moreover they have the highest concentration of primitive flowering plants in the world.  These remarkable Jurassic creatures open their petals to a variety of gorgeous butterflies in the nearby natural paradise of Daintree. Why not stop by […]

Luxury Right on the Rain Forest

Divers’ Accommodation in Cairns, North Queensland

Divers’ Accommodation in Cairns, North Queensland can be hard to find if you want something decent. Like a home from home on the edge of a rain forest for example. Our holiday rentals at Wanggulay could suit you if you want somewhere to base yourself near Cairns. Then you could take a charter boat into […]

Cairns Romantic Accommodation

What Lies Westward of Our Cairns Romantic Accommodation

The geography of Far North Queensland varies greatly as the coastal strip gives way to the Great Dividing Range. Drive across the Atherton Tableland, and go a scant two hundred kilometres further west. You could end up in a land of rusty tin shacks, red dust, and emus with penetrating glances. Let’s set that option […]

What Lies North of 5 Star Accommodation Cairns

What Lies North of Our 5 Star Accommodation Cairns

Many guests come to our 5 Star Accommodation Cairns to kick their shoes off and relax. After all, we do have two of the finest holiday rentals in North Queensland, with the lush rain forest literally at the bottom of the garden. Others are curious to know what lies north of our 5 Star Accommodation […]

Wanggulay Outdoor Dining Space

Cairns Romantic Accomodation – What’s for Breakfast?

A Cairns romantic breakfast for two in your Cairns romantic accommodation. Now that sounds like a good idea, strictly between the two of you of course. We have a top notch kitchen  at Wanggulay but there’s just one problem. Who is going to get out of bed, cook bacon and eggs, and butter the toast […]

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas is Nearby

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas can be difficult to find, especially in season when holidaymakers pack the place. Cairns  provides a satisfying alternative when it comes to quality and value an hour away on the Pacific Highway. Your holiday is even better when you stay in our rain forest retreat.

Cairns Luxury Accommodation

Cairns Luxury Accommodation on the Barron River

Cairns Luxury Accommodation on the Barron River Cairns luxury accommodation attracts holidaymakers in search of sunshine and warm weather on its its endless beaches. And of course the Great Barrier Reef hailed as a leading wonder of the world. North of Cairns, the Barron River supplies all the sand we need. In Cairns itself, we […]

Wanggulay in the Late Afternoon

Luxury Accommodation Cairns … The Road Less Traveled

Luxury Accommodation Cairns … The Road Less Traveled Luxury accommodation Cairns … the road less traveled … what do these two things mean to you? There is always a pleasant surprise around the corner when visiting Cairns and its surrounds. Here we highlight some unusual things to do when visiting Wanggulay

Luxury Accommodation Cairns

Luxury Accommodation Cairns … Exceptional Fine Dining

Luxury Accommodation Cairns …  Where Everything is Simply Better  . Luxury accommodation Cairns and food mean different things to different people, although each experience is pleasurable in a special way. Chips and dip by candlelight on the upstairs patio, or a delicious barbecue in the garden is a good start.

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas and Its Attractions

5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas and Its Attractions Port Douglas and Cairns are two coastal holiday resorts on the North Queensland coast of subtropical Australia. They are complimentary, not twins though. Cairns is tops for 5 Star Accommodation Port Douglas attractions include World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef and Daintree National Park. If you prefer the […]

Romantic Accommodation Cairns Couples Love

Some loving couples are surprised when they arrive at our holiday home rental in Cairns, where they find such a rich natural environment. They leave agreeing our special paradise is the most romantic accommodation they have seen in North Queensland. We suppose all they have seen of Australia before is photos of Ayres Rock


Luxury Accommodation Cairns Whales on View

Luxury Accommodation Cairns Whales are Here! Luxury accommodation Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef go together like bacon and eggs, and beer at a barbie making steaks. The whales have arrived. Come and see. They are gracing the Great Barrier Reef with all their splendour. Thus Cairns is the perfect place to go whale watching […]

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Family Accommodation Cairns & Coral Sea

Family Accommodation Cairns & Coral Sea Family accommodation Cairns luxury and the Coral Sea make a fine combination. We have all of them in good measure at Wanggulay and we invite you to come and see. We have wonderful drives up and down the coast, and inland through glorious countryside. These are just two of […]


Super Luxury Base for Cairns Photography

Few other places come close to Cairns and Port Douglas for opportunities for amazing photographs in nature. Photographers come throughout the year to explore our compelling Great Barrier Reef, and a myriad of brightly coloured marine life. This is just one of a large number of camera-friendly opportunities in Cairns. We see photographers and photo […]


Memorable Birthday Celebrations in Cairns

Birthdays mark the passage of time, and this certainly seems to go faster every year. They are moments to pause, and take stock. They are opportunities to share memories, happiness and joy. While circumstances vary as we count our 10th, 13th, 20th,21st, 30th,40th, 50th, 60th, and 70th years, there is no better place for special times […]

5 star Cairns Honeymoon Accommodation

A Special Paradise for a Loving Couple like You

If you want to celebrate your love, our two Wanggulay rainforest homes have features that are so much better than public holiday accommodation. We created two separate parts of paradise in perfect tune with our warm tropical climate, lovely natural forest environment, and the show-stopping Great Barrier Reef that is nature’s greatest treasure. You don’t […]

Port Douglas beach and ocean on sunny day, Queensland, Australia

An Amazing Drive along the Shoreline of the Coral Sea from our 5 Star Luxury Accommodation near Cairns

The wonderful drives up and down the coast, and inland through glorious countryside are two of the fabulous things about staying at our luxury rainforest retreat Wanggulay. Today we depart from Cairns and head north to Port Douglas an hour and a quarter – or seventy kilometres away along the superbly engineered Captain Cook Highway. […]

Adult Humpback Whale Breaching

Dive into August in the Tropics

The whales have arrived, and gracing the Great Barrier Reef with all their splendour. Cairns is the perfect place to go whale watching this season; with an average day time temperature of 24.6 degrees, a morning or afternoon spent on the water couldn’t get any better. Each year, the Humpback and Dwarf Minke whales travel […]

Beach, Sun, Sea And Sand woman with ukulele

It’s Festival Time in Cairns

Festival time is quickly arriving in Cairns where the streets come alive with music and performances, and now is the time to start planning your visit. Cairns in August and September is wonderful; with an average day time temperature of 26 degrees, you’ll be able to stay at Wanggulay, visit our popular attractions and spend […]


A Historic Walk Through Cairns

The earliest inhabitants of what we now call Cairns were Aboriginal hunter-gatherers whose legends speak of foraging beyond Green Island when sea levels were lower. The first western contact was on 10 June 1770, when James Cook sailed into Mission Bay between Cape Grafton and False Cape, and went ashore for a short while to […]

Kuranda 1

Spend A Day Exploring Historic Kuranda

Kuranda, also known as ‘the village in the rainforest’ is on the edge of the Atherton Tableland, 25 kilometres west of Cairns as the boomerang flies. These days it welcomes thousands of tourists every week who come to explore rich tropical forests abundant with wildlife and footpaths leading through the village. Things were not always […]

Cairns Esplanade 1

An Afternoon Out on Cairns Esplanade

The Cairns Esplanade is a 2.5 kilometers long pedestrianized stretch of waterfront where the people come out to play and exercise in safety. Everything is free for everybody to enjoy – the lagoon, playgrounds, park lands, and recreational facilities all entice the holidaymaker to stop, explore, and then share them in our champagne climate. We […]

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Where do you dine: Dinner in Cairns

In our previous couple of blog posts we’ve covered some of our favourite places to dine in Cairns for breakfast and lunch, so now comes the most important part – dinner. Cairns has some great restaurants to offer, especially along the Esplanade. Whatever your food style, we’re pretty sure you’ll find something to suit. We […]

Where do you dine: Breakfast in Cairns

  While we have a fully functional kitchen here at Wanggulay, we know our guests love getting out and exploring the local cafes and restaurants; and we can’t blame them. Cairns is home to some great cafes and restaurants serving some fantastic local foods. Caffiend is one of our favourite places for a weekend brunch. […]

Cruising the Barrier Reef

You know, one of the best things about Cairns is the access to the Great Barrier Reef. There’s so much to explore and discover out there that you could do three or four cruises and you probably wouldn’t see it all. One of our favourite cruises is the Outer Reef tour with Quicksilver Cruises. Agincourt […]