5 Star Couples Retreat Cairns

5 star couples retreat Cairns: These luxury resorts nestled into the treetops are you romantic hideaway to escape the world together.  Chill out and discover the natural beauty of Australia’s World Heritage listed rainforest in North Queensland, Australia.  Perfect for honeymooners, couples, or special anniversaries. 

Our two properties: Wanggulay and Wanggulay Too have  all the features you’d expect from a 5 star resort and everything you need for a romantic 5 star couples retreat Cairns. This includes a spa bath, infinity edge salt water pool, free unlimited and fast wifi, and 5 star reviews from many satisfied guests. These spectacular properties also house a wedding platform and have delighted honeymooners and couples for romantic luxury escapes for years.

On top of that, their location boasts some of the most beautiful waterfalls, nature trails and rock-pools in Australia. Book now, and wake up to the sounds of the rainforest on your next romantic getaway.

5 Star couples retreat cairns accommodation

Activities for Couples

5 star couples retreat Cairns: There is an incredible selection of  activities to enjoy together at Wanggulay or Wanggulay Too rainforest retreats as a couple. Many of our couples check these out before arrival, and then find on entering a Wanggulay villa that they just want to stay in the property. It’s so wistful and romantic there. They often wish to simply relax on the expansive balconies, private river platform or by the infinity edge pool where you can take in all the delights of a romantic getaway in the rainforest.

If you do like to get out and about, some recommendations for your romantic getaway include:

      • Sunset walks on the beach at Palm Cove
      • Take a short drive along kilometres of unspoilt coastline to Port Douglas have lunch and explore
      • Exploring the rock pool and waterfalls of Stoney Creek just 10 minutes walk away
      • A walk down to the Barron river by private pathway
      • Skyrail over the rainforest canopy
      • Take a picnic to Wanggulay’s closest local waterfall – only 12 minutes walk from your door
      • Dine out in one of the many nearby restaurants
      • Canoe the Barron river Gorge
      • Take a short drive along kilometres of unspoilt coastline to Port Douglas have lunch and explore
      • Walk the marked trails of World Heritage listed rainforest right on your doorstep
      • Explore the wonderful Rusty’s fresh produce markets.

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5 Star Couples Retreat Cairns Holiday Tips

Cairns Regional Gallery Exotic Landscapes

A Luxury Rainforest Retreat in Reach of Everything

People often call to ask me what really singles us out. I thought I would touch on the key aspect today. What makes us unique is our luxury Cairns accommodation is fully self-contained on the edge of pristine wilderness. Yet at the same time, Cairns is only a short drive away from fabulous things to see, and wonderful things to do for the whole family.

The range of music and art available in Cairns sometimes surprises overseas visitors. It’s our own fault really. Perhaps it is time we stopped pretending we are such a rough and ready lot. Our choral society has been entertaining us since the early 19th Century, and we have soul music in pubs after dark.

Our regional gallery has vibrant original aboriginal and modern art on show. There is a great gallery shop perfect for creative gifts inspired by the main collection and the North Queensland theme. Speaking of value for money, we have a special running this month.

If you move quickly, we have dropped our rates for Wanggulay Bali and Wanggulay Too by $100 a day, but just for this September. Here is your reservation form ready and waiting. Do not delay. See you soon.

If you prefer stronger adrenalin rushes there are exhilarating Cairns attractions waiting for you not far from Wanggulay Bali and Wanggulay Too. The $100 you could save daily this month will subsidise your trip to the Great Barrier Reef, or you could spend it on a great meal out.

We are constantly striving to deliver the ultimate rainforest holiday. We would really love it if you stayed with us in our luxury Cairns rainforest retreat. Click here for great family holiday ideas.


Wake Up to the Sounds of the Rainforest

If you’ve never woken up to the sounds of the rainforest before, on your first morning at Wanggulay you may think you’ve been transported to another place and time. There’s no traffic noise here to wake you up; instead, you’ll slowly wake up to the sounds of the rainforest birds as they sing their morning songs.

Take a look at this video and see how close you are to rainforest canopy from the main bedroom at Wanggulay.

But it’s not just in the morning that you’ll realise how close to nature you are. Throughout the day, different birds will visit near Wanggulay, giving you a sense of just how diverse the rainforest really is.

The Barron Gorge National Park is within the Wet Tropics World Heritage area, so you will certainly get to hear, and see, a range of birds, particularly some you won’t see in many other places around Australia.

The wompoofruit-dove’s “wallock-a-woo” call, that you can hear here on photographer Graeme Chapman’s website, is rather distinctive. For such a brightly coloured bird they certainly blend into their surrounds, so you’ll need to keep your eye out for them.

A Woompoo Fruit Dove Sitting on a Fig Tree, Queensland, Australia

Photo: Wompoo Fruit-Dove

The screech of the scaly-breasted lorikeets will certainly make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the rainforest, while the scratching around of the brush-turkey’s and orange-footed scrubfowl will have you looking out for them on the rainforest floor. You might even be lucky enough to spot a southern cassowary feeding on the rainforest fruits.

Photo: Scaly-Breasted Lorikeet

Photo: Scaly-Breasted Lorikeet

It’s not just birds who visit us here in the Barron Gorge National Park. There’s also a huge number of animals that call the park home that you should keep an eye out for when you’re relaxing on the deck or going for a walk through the park.

Photo: Spotted Quoll

Photo: Spotted Quoll

You’ll often find stripped possums, Lumholtz’s tree-kangraroos, and spotted-tailed quolls amongst many others. If you’re walking around the grounds of Wanggulay, keep an eye out for the short-beaked echidna – you’ll need to be quick to spot these guys as they can bury under leaf little quite quickly. If you’re out walking along the creeks, watch for the elusive platypus – they are often hard to spot, and if you manage to catch a photo of one we’d love to see it!

A Platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus) on surface of creek in daylight with eyes open. ** Note: Slight blurriness, best at smaller sizes

Photo: Platypus

There’s so many different species of wildlife surrounding us here at Wanggulay. If you’re ready to wake up to nature instead of traffic, book with us today.

Underwater World With Corals And Tropical Fish

The World’s Best Holiday Destination

Here at Wanggulay we received an amazing email at the end of June.

CNN in America was reporting that the Great Barrier Reef topped their travel destination list for 2016-2017! Can you believe that our heritage listed Reef beat the top travel destinations of Bora Bora, the British Virgin Islands, Cairo, Rome and Paris?

The Great Barrier Reef stretches an amazing 2,300 km along the Queensland coastline, and is so big, it can be seen from space. Can’t quite comprehend how big that actually is? To give some contents, the Reef covered roughly the same area as Italy, Japan, Germany or Malaysia. In that 2,300km span of coastline, it is home to 3000 coral reefs, 600 continental islands, 1625 different species of fish, 133 varieties of sharks and rays, and 600 types of soft and hard corals.

All of this combines to make the Barrier Reef a pretty awesome holiday destination. We think it’s time you came and stayed with us here at Wanggulay and experience just a small part of the Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef has been the subject of quite a few documentaries over the years, with one of the most recent being Sir David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef series. There’s no doubt this series, which showed off the reef in ways you’ll never see from land, has added to the popularity of this holiday destination.

If you haven’t visited the Great Barrier Reef before (and if you have, you’ll likely enjoy this even more), David Attenborough’s team put together a really great interactive website with some amazing footage from the documentary. You can check it out here.


Photo: Tourism Australia (left), ABC Australia (right)

If that interactive video has whet your appetite for a trip to the Great Barrier Reef, book your holiday in at Wanggulay. We can then get you booked on-board the range of Quicksilver tours, so you can get out on the reef and snorkel, dive, visit the underwater observatory or experience the reef like David Attenborough in a semi-submersible coral reef viewing tour.

There’s no doubting that the Great Barrier Reef is a top holiday destination for many people, so why not make it yours?