5 Star Couples Retreat Cairns

5 star couples retreat Cairns: These luxury resorts nestled into the treetops are you romantic hideaway to escape the world together.  Chill out and discover the natural beauty of Australia’s World Heritage listed rainforest in North Queensland, Australia.  Perfect for honeymooners, couples, or special anniversaries. 

Our two properties: Wanggulay and Wanggulay Too have  all the features you’d expect from a 5 star resort and everything you need for a romantic 5 star couples retreat Cairns. This includes a spa bath, infinity edge salt water pool, free unlimited and fast wifi, and 5 star reviews from many satisfied guests. These spectacular properties also house a wedding platform and have delighted honeymooners and couples for romantic luxury escapes for years.

On top of that, their location boasts some of the most beautiful waterfalls, nature trails and rock-pools in Australia. Book now, and wake up to the sounds of the rainforest on your next romantic getaway.

5 Star couples retreat cairns accommodation

Activities for Couples

5 star couples retreat Cairns: There is an incredible selection of  activities to enjoy together at Wanggulay or Wanggulay Too rainforest retreats as a couple. Many of our couples check these out before arrival, and then find on entering a Wanggulay villa that they just want to stay in the property. It’s so wistful and romantic there. They often wish to simply relax on the expansive balconies, private river platform or by the infinity edge pool where you can take in all the delights of a romantic getaway in the rainforest.

If you do like to get out and about, some recommendations for your romantic getaway include:

      • Sunset walks on the beach at Palm Cove
      • Take a short drive along kilometres of unspoilt coastline to Port Douglas have lunch and explore
      • Exploring the rock pool and waterfalls of Stoney Creek just 10 minutes walk away
      • A walk down to the Barron river by private pathway
      • Skyrail over the rainforest canopy
      • Take a picnic to Wanggulay’s closest local waterfall – only 12 minutes walk from your door
      • Dine out in one of the many nearby restaurants
      • Canoe the Barron river Gorge
      • Take a short drive along kilometres of unspoilt coastline to Port Douglas have lunch and explore
      • Walk the marked trails of World Heritage listed rainforest right on your doorstep
      • Explore the wonderful Rusty’s fresh produce markets.

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5 Star Couples Retreat Cairns Holiday Tips

Cairns Romantic Accommodation

What Lies Westward of Our Cairns Romantic Accommodation

The geography of Far North Queensland varies greatly as the coastal strip gives way to the Great Dividing Range. Drive across the Atherton Tableland, and go a scant two hundred kilometres further west. You could end up in a land of rusty tin shacks, red dust, and emus with penetrating glances. Let’s set that option aside for now, and take a car trip to the west, and upwards to the Atherton Tableland. Read more

Wanggulay Outdoor Dining Space

Cairns Romantic Accomodation – What’s for Breakfast?

A Cairns romantic breakfast for two in your Cairns romantic accommodation. Now that sounds like a good idea, strictly between the two of you of course. We have a top notch kitchen  at Wanggulay but there’s just one problem. Who is going to get out of bed, cook bacon and eggs, and butter the toast and make the coffee when you would rather linger in the private swimming pool or have a shower at the bottom of the garden. Good news is we have many other choices just for you to choose.

Cairns Romantic Accommodation – What’s for Breakfast at Kuranda?

Choice number one could be coffee, fruit, and frozen yogurt before you head for the railway station and take a romantic vintage train ride up the Barron River escarpment to the lovely, laid back village of Kuranda. This is a real peach of a place with a lovely covered market and restaurants and coffee shops galore. Try taking the return journey on the skyrail rainforest cableway. The gondolas are super comfy and the views incomparable drifting back down to your Cairns romantic accommodation.

Cairns Romantic Accommodation

Morning Shower in the Rain Forest: EOS Dude: CC 2.0

Caffiend When Not Breakfasting in Your Cairns Romantic Accommodation

Our guests love getting out and exploring the local cafes, shops and restaurants. We can’t blame them because Cairns is home to some brilliant restaurants and cafes serving  fantastic local food. Caffiend is one of our favourite places on the odd weekend we stay over. Especially for a weekend brunch in a place dedicated to coffee, art and music.

To start with the coffee is fantastic. This alone will make you want to come back again. The beans are roasted by our local Tattooed Sailor Coffee Roasters, and you can certainly taste the difference. But the real star is the menu. The chefs at Caffiend take the best of  local tropical produce and turn it into something  quite amazing. A Caffiend breakfast is one of our favourite meals of the day.

One of the best we’ve tasted was a miso scramble with bonito, smoked salmon and avocado – yum! Caffiend isn’t just for breakfast though. We’ve had some great afternoon tea catch-ups there. And why wouldn’t you, with chocolate, ricotta and raspberry cake topped with locally made coconut gelato, dehydrated raspberries and coconut chips. In fact, we might just head off there now!

Cairns Romantic Breakfast Opportunities at Palm Cove

Palm Cove is a pretty little village 17 kilometres north of Cairns along the coastal Captain Cook Highway. Out of season, it has a population of some 1,250 people, making it an even better place to visit for a romantic breakfast. There is a row of signature palm trees all the way along the beach, a small island out to sea, and great protected swimming inland of the reef.

You will find the kind of pristine beaches and tree lined paths at Palm Beach that set walkers, joggers, and cyclists dreaming. The fishing is good with mackerel and giant trevally great catching off the cove jetty when they are biting. The Australian Good Food and Travel Guide lists 15 restaurants to consider for breakfast, lunch, and supper, and some of these we can personally recommend as very good bordering on exceptional.

Cairns Romantic Accommodation

Palm Cove Beach Australia: Eugene O: CC 2.0

Cairns Romantic Accommodation: How About Brunch Instead

Let’s face up to it and admit not all of us are morning people. As a counter proposal to rising early, how about a fresh fruit breakfast from your very own Wanggulay kitchen followed by a coffee. And perhaps a gentle stroll down to the river to tempt your taste buds for an inspiring brunch. Le Crouton at nearby Freshwater is one of our very best favourites, but is popular over weekends. This makes it an option for a mid-week  treat when staying at our Wanggulay romantic accommodation.

Now you might have guessed from the name that Le Crouton is a French establishment, but this isn’t actually a restaurant. Instead, it is an artisan-al bakery serving up all manner of pastries and and specialist breads.  The latter is so delicious you will want to grab a loaf or two and bring them back to Wanggulay. Before you do though, linger to taste their classic filled croissants, almond croissants, amazing brioches, and for the sweet tooth, their custard-cream horns. Bon appetit, but hide the bathroom scale  in our special paradise!

Cairns Romantic Accommodation

Croutons with a Difference: Le Crouton Facebook Page

Wanggulay in the Late Afternoon

Luxury Accommodation Cairns … The Road Less Traveled

Luxury Accommodation Cairns … The Road Less Traveled

Luxury accommodation Cairns … the road less traveled … what do these two things mean to you? There is always a pleasant surprise around the corner when visiting Cairns and its surrounds. Here we highlight some unusual things to do when visiting Wanggulay Read more